Time For Bed little Ted

12373332_1656912281224925_4920431021978555138_nIt's time for Little Ted to go to bed.  Can you help him?
Since its release in January, the preschool story app 'Time For Bed little Ted' has received positive reviews from parents and teachers. Professional voice actors read this calming bedtime story, which is supportive of early learning, is autism-friendly and has easy to use interactions. The story app was created by parent/teacher, Kryssy Hurley, has a Gold Mom's Choice Award and a Know What's Inside seal of approval, meaning that there are no external links, in-app purchases or collection of data.  The story app will be listed in both Autism Apps and Touch Autism and was created with the experience of parenting a child with special needs. The story follows Little Ted's bedtime routine and, as with a social story, helps children to learn about the activities involved in a fun and positive manner. 12376459_1655731951342958_8357663831251623440_n website Features include: ~~ Original rhyming story in Spanish and English, with UK/US spelling choice ~~ Attractive illustrations, using mainly yellow/red/brown tones, by artist Monika Suska ~~ Fun touch interactions and animations ~~ Random elements on successive readings ~~ Record Your Own Narration facility ~~ Read To Me/Read On My Own options ~~ Additional coloring activities with option to save ~~ Develops early reading skills and language development ~~  Supportive of Bloom's Taxonomy and Early Years Curriculum ~~ Teacher/Parent activities pack available on website Website:              www.timeforbedlittleted.com Social Media:      https://www.facebook.com/littletedstories/                               https://twitter.com/krysnjode1   
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