Top 11 most effective online tools for academic classes

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Professors can state that they are successful only when students have great results and they are really engaged in academic activities. Students have many other interests besides school. It takes a lot to grab their attention and inspire them to participate during lessons. This can be achieved through appealing tools and techniques.

Educators must integrate activities that challenge all learning capacities – intellectual, emotional and behavioral. For this purpose, technology can be an amazing partner if employed correctly. There are resources that have been tested and have shown impressive results. Here is a list of top 10 most effective online tools for academic classes:


This is a free database dedicated to students, teachers, and parents. It contains lessons, tests, assignments and exercises for all academic subjects. Everything is for free, users just have to create an account. The materials are translated into more than 36 languages, so they can be used by a large audience.

Here's how professors can take advantage of this tool: organize a vote in the classroom, for kids to choose three topics of their interest. Then go to Khan Academy and select the best materials.

Also, this is a good place for students to look for information on their own. The best way to learn new things is through a research process. Pick a topic together and assign different tasks to every student.


Scary things like equations, parables, graphics, and functions can become attractive, too. It is all a matter of how they are presented and explained. On Desmos, making math likable is totally possible. The website offers a large variety of materials that can be easily employed in class. Complex theories are explained through slides, step by step.

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The graphic calculator from the website can transform boring equations into visuals, appealing for every student. Next, functions transformation will suddenly appear approachable and possible to complete by everyone.


If you are a foreign language professor, then this is the right tool for your class. In here, learning doesn’t look like a burden, but like a challenging game. Users don’t even realize when they memorize new words and grammar rules! Foreign languages become interactive and less difficult on Duolingo.

Students have the possibility of tracking down their progress in time and evaluate knowledge on their own. Exercises contain multiple approaches – speaking, listening, translating, writing, and so on. The languages available are multiple: from Spanish and French, to Turkish and Dutch.


Flashcards will always be effective learning tools. Unfortunately, they take a lot of time to make. StudyBlue has an impressive database of flashcards, quizzes, evaluation sheets and more. Take advantage of these materials and use them to class without even working on creating them.

Recommend this website to all your students and teach them to study smart, and not hard. They will be thrilled to know that technology can be integrated easily into the learning process.


Professors can let students use this tool at any time and for any class. The search option does not display results from all over the internet, but only from input data. Information has been carefully selected and presented on the website by professionals in the field. The tool is like a robot who gives answers on every subject it knows.

Here are some of the areas covered: mathematics, history, geography, engineering, chemistry 


This is the magic land for tests and quizzes. There are tons of materials and engaging resources available. Professors can use educational games, flashcards, and quizzes for class. Tell your students about this website and they will benefit from modern and appealing learning methods.

The best part is that educators can create online classes accessible from youths’ favorite things – gadgets, like smartphones and tablets. This is a smart way of breaking into the students’ environment and determine them to use technology for noble purposes.


There are more flashcards for your students in here. Users are free to create new resources or to use the ones already made by others. Materials come from to all different subjects;  languages, science, law and much more.


Here’s one thing no one thought about – sometimes professors assign tasks, but they don’t teach students how to solve them. Young pupils especially have no idea how to efficiently learn new content. This is why this website has come up with the solution. HowToStudy provides resources that help users learn how to organize their time, how to make study plans, how to take useful notes, and how to properly research for different topics. All these indications will lead to a higher productivity when it comes to learning.  


This is an educational public service dedicated to professors who need to improve class engagement. In here, they will find tons of different teaching methods, addressed to different types of students. The final goal is to bring innovation into educational practices through effective measures. Professors will learn how to present information in attractive ways and students will find out how to better prepare for classes.


⭐️ UPDATE 1/19 ~ We added another great resource for online tools for academic classes

        11.  OneClass

OneClass is a community of over 2.2 million+ university students sharing valuable course content such as lecture notes, textbook summaries, and exam study guides. Since 2010, their ultimate goal has been to deliver study resources that are immediately useful and relevant to any knowledge seeker on their platform.


Get ready for the new semester by boosting your classes with these online tools! Progress can be measured immediately in students level of attention.


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