Top 10 Professional Development Resources for Teachers

PD resources for teachers

Being a teacher is one of the most challenging professions, but it can also be very rewarding as you watch children which you’ve taught make their way through life, and relying on advice and the knowledge you’ve provided them with. And it’s getting increasingly difficult, with the children getting more distracted every day by modern technology and the fast pace of life. If you add to that the lack of institutional support for those teachers who are willing to go the extra mile, the situation is less than stellar. However, there are still plenty of resources teachers can turn to if they want to better themselves, and in this article, we have gathered 10 of them which you should check out. Keep on reading. PD resources for teachers2

1. Education World

Here you will find pretty much everything you will ever need as a teacher, including all the latest news and developments in education, lesson plans, reviews of the most popular EdTech apps platforms, as well as a huge archive of articles written to help you advance professionally.

2. Discovery Education

Discovery Education offers versatile content which includes not only lesson plans, but also videos, programs, contests, and interactive games that can help you engage your students and get them to pay attention in class every time.

3. Ed Helper

If you are looking for printable worksheets you can use in your class, or if you are a parent homeschooling their child, you will find all you need right here. Ed Helper covers a wide variety of subjects, including math, languages, science, and art, among others.

4. Intel Teach Elements

Designed as a series of courses for the teachers, Intel Teach Elements offer videos, syllabi, and all the materials you will need to aid your development as a teacher. They can help you prepare yourself, and your students, for the challenges of 21st-century education.

5. Ed Week

Started by Editorial Projects in Education, a nonprofit organization, Education Week has grown into one of the most respected and read resources which cover all the latest news and trends in education, helping you keep up to date with everything you’d want to know.

6. Teachers Pay Teachers

This platform serves as an online marketplace where teachers can either sell or buy teaching plans and lesson put together by their fellow colleagues. They can also search through the website based on different filters, such as subjects, price, teachers, and grade level.

7. Lynda

Lynda is already a pretty well-known platform which offers high-quality video tutorials on just about anything, and teachers can use it to learn new skills, which they can then share with their class.

8. Scholastic for Teachers

Probably the Web’s primary destination for all things relevant to education, including books, materials, blogs, ideas, and comprehensive education solutions for every teacher. Aimed primarily at elementary school teachers.

9. Learner

Learner offers a whole multitude of teacher resources and professional development tools, including lesson plans, interactive materials, videos, courses, as well blog articles and news which will bring you up to speed with the best trends in education.

10. Open Education Resources

This platform allows you to share your lesson plans and teaching materials with your colleagues from all over the world, as well as download materials created by them as well, completely free of charge, and free to use in whichever way you like.

PD resources for teachers3Summary

With these useful resources and platforms in your teaching toolbox, you will be able to advance as a teacher, and also prepare yourself for all the obstacles you might come across in your career. 21st-century education is complex and challenging, there is no doubt about. Learning never stops, and if you rely on these tools, your students will hang on to your every word. Make each one count.   AIbEiAIAAABECNub-dHqzJ-8zwEiC3ZjYXJkX3Bob3RvKig4NzQ2YjIwMDlkODhiNDBkZTg2NzZlMmZkMzc1NWQ0ZDk2YzJmMzRhMAEy7dGqLk3gjtApxANKm1_8KSQ_VgAuthor's bio: My name is Karen Dikson. I'm a college instructor and a creative writer at EduGeeksClub. At my free time, I love traveling, writing articles and helping students in achieving their goals.  
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