Top 3 Reasons All Students Should Create an Academic Plan


Planning Ahead: Top 3 Reasons All Students Should Create an Academic Plan

While a future career may seem a long way off for students still in high school and even college, creating an academic plan for that future is an imperative step in achieving goals. Tracking and maintaining your grades is a critical part of successfully achieving your academic goals, and our GPA calculator is custom built to help you do that quickly and easily.

Academic plans are a great way for students to gain a better understanding of their interests, identify possible job opportunities, and gain career market information. But aside from helping students create goals and keep track of progress, here are three additional reasons an academic plan is important for both high school and college students.

Why is an academic plan important?

Minimize anxiety

Planning is the best form of prevention. Many students face a huge amount of uncertainty when it comes to their futures. They’re making important decisions focused around finances, schools, degree programs, and more.

And while there are always a few students who are able to answer all of these questions at once, many find them overwhelming. But creating an academic plan can help put all of these pieces of the puzzle together, allowing students to have a clearer picture of where they want to go and how they can get there.

Understand strengths and identify areas of improvement

The academic journey is more than just about learning intellectual skills, it’s also about gaining a clearer perspective of personal strengths and weaknesses. Students gain some of this insight through the classes they’re required to take at both the high school and collegiate level; they can begin to understand the subjects they enjoy and the areas they feel challenged in.

Having a plan in place where students can keep track of these personal learnings can help further their own development. For instance, they can record what learning style best suits them. For high school students, this piece of information can be very helpful when it comes to choosing a college. As another example, students can also track the soft skills they already have and where they need to spend time improving. This is an essential piece of information for college students looking to enter the workforce. 

Keep options open

Perhaps one of the most important reasons for students to create an academic plan is to be able to keep their options open. Changing direction, whether it’s switching degree programs or moving to a different school, is part of the academic experience. Having a plan in place and keeping track of progress helps ensure that students have the ability to take on new opportunities as they arise.

How can GPA Calculator help build an academic plan?

Creating goals and tracking progress around a student’s GPA is an essential part of an effective academic plan. GPAs are used by colleges, graduate degree programs, and financial aid programs in assessing students’ abilities to meet expectations set upon them.

GPA Calculator makes understanding and calculating grade point averages fast and simple. Our suite of tools offers calculators for both the high school and college level. Additionally, students can get even more information about their academic standing by using our Cumulative GPA Calculator, Weighted GPA Calculator, and GPA Scale Calculator. We also provide helpful guides that advise students looking to raise their GPA and the importance of calculating grades. Gain access to our free suite of tools at

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