Top 5 Must Have Apps For Teachers in 2017

Teaching Time Top 5 Must Have Apps For Teachers in 2017 The modern app revolution has been huge for people working in just about every profession imaginable – but it has been especially revolutionary for teachers. Teachers are always busy – there’s always a paper or a test to grade, lessons to plan, and parent-teacher conferences to attend. Any app that can save teachers time is a fantastic investment, and smart, well-designed apps for teachers have huge potential to make them more efficient, save them time, and increase the quality of education that the children in their classrooms can receive. Talk about a win-win! To help busy teachers who may be looking for apps that will help them perform their duties more effectively, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 “must-have” apps for teachers in 2017. 1) ClassDojo ClassDojo is a free app and platform that allows teachers, students, and parents to create a positive learning environment for children, show off projects and photos from the classroom, and create a tight-knit school community. ClassDojo has a number of robust features for teachers, including digital “reward” features that can allow teachers to reward students for participating in class, built-in applications to track each child’s participation in school values systems like the Three Be’s, PBIS, or Leader in Me. In addition, ClassDojo provides a schoolwide digital platform where kids can share pictures of their work and accomplishments from class, and parents can communicate directly with teachers – without having to exchange personal phone numbers. If you’ve been looking for a fun, family-friendly classroom management solution for your school, ClassDojo is a fantastic choice. [] 2) Slack Slack first made a name for itself in the world of startups, and schools have started to recognize how useful, intuitive, and handy this robust messaging app can be to teachers – and even students. Slack’s secret to success lies in its simplicity and flexibility. While the basic messaging features of the app are very simple, Slack can combine with an enormous list of other apps. With planning apps like Trello, email services like Gmail, and even file management services like Google Drive and Dropbox supported, Slack allows teachers to connect with each other easily, and totally customize their experience for maximum efficiency – with just a couple clicks. [] 3) DialMyCalls DialMyCalls is an intuitive, easy-to-use school notification system that can allow teachers, principals, and other staff to send out mass voice notifications, text messages, and other user alerts. These alerts can be sent either to individuals or to custom-managed groups of people. You could send a message to one particular student’s family, or to each parent of students in your 3rd-grade math class. Pre-recorded voice messages are a fantastic way to communicate with parents, and DialMyCalls features robust reporting that can tell you which voice messages have been received and which messages have gone to voicemail. With just a couple of clicks, you can send a voice message announcing a snow day to the entire school, or just give parents important information about an upcoming field trip. DialMyCalls also features SMS text messaging, so you can also send text alerts to faculty, students, and parents. Finally, DialMyCalls includes email broadcasts at no extra cost – you can send a copy of your voice recording or SMS text message to the email associated with each individual to ensure that they get your message. [] 4) Google Suite for Education Google Suite for Education is totally free for teachers and offers loads of helpful features, including Google Hangouts for video calling, Gmail for email management, and Google Docs, Sheets, and Drive to help you manage your class documents in an all-in-one platform. Google Suite for Education also offers great integration with Google Calendar, which allows students, teachers, and parents to be on the same page about upcoming holidays, snow days, and other important class events. The highlight of Google Suite for Education is Google Classroom. Google Classroom allows teachers to manage multiple classrooms and track grades, attendance, and performance, Google Classroom also allows direct communication between teachers and students, allowing students to get questions about homework, tests, and other class assignments. []  5) Evernote  Evernote is the best note-taking app on the planet, both for students and teachers. Evernote can easily replace in-class handouts for assignments and other work, as teachers can set up separate “notebooks” which can be shared with the class, and posted online. For teachers, an added benefit of Evernote for taking notes about classes, attendance, and other important information is that all of your most important information is securely backed up online. If you do your lesson planning, note taking, and other crucial work in Evernote, your notes will always be backed up and will be easily accessible from any device. [] Try These Apps Today! “There’s an app for that” isn’t just a marketing slogan. For teachers, there’s an app for everything, whether you’re looking to manage your classroom more effectively, communicate with colleagues, or find a comprehensive, school-wide voice messaging solution. So ditch the pen and paper and get your school into the 21st century. Try out one of these great, teacher-friendly apps today, and see how innovative, modern technology can transform your classroom.                    
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  1. Hi there! Super relevant article… I loved the suggestions! I’d like to add a few apps that I’ve been using with my own child. First one is Papumba Academy, it is a subscription app for preschoolers with a free 7-days trial. I have downloaded from here: Another intresting alternative is Sago Mini World, you can get it from

  2. Great article and information. One more app that I know for this purpose is Myly Admin App for Teachers and School Admin. Unlike conventional school management software used by a handful of admin staff, Myly is used by every teacher in the school, every day.

    Completely integrated with Myly School ERP, Myly Admin App makes life easy for the teacher by eliminating paper-based process with the use of technology. Attendance taking for a class of 50 can be done in less than 30 seconds!! Homework and photos can be shared from within the class in real-time.

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  3. Hi Griva,

    Thanks for the great app’s recommendations. I’ve tried some of them in my class, mostly I liked ClassDojo. It’s such a great platform for teachers, students, and parents collaboration! Learning was so boring for them before, but now it’s full of fun and joy! From myself, I would like to recommend a wonderful app – Unicheck plagiarism checker. Since children already in middle school begin to steal ideas and whole texts from the Internet. And this app always helps me to overcome this. I also like an app Actively Learn – it teaches to read texts with understanding, which is very important nowadays!


  4. Nicely written article. Would recommend to teachers to try out Skooly – 21st century messaging and collaboration app. Skooly has got great feedback from both teachers and parents, and is pretty much simple, intuitive and easy to use. Available in ios and Android in 20 countries.

    • Jayne Clare Jayne Clare

      Thanks, we missed that!