Top 5 Puzzle Game Apps for Kids

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Top 5 Puzzle Game Apps for Kids

Puzzle game apps are plenty of fun for kids. These types of games are ideal for developing children’s academic potential with things like reading, writing, mathematics, science and biology. They are also great for fine-tuning kids problem-solving abilities. The Google Play Store is peppered with a wide range of puzzle game apps for kids, and here are 5 incredible titles that are guaranteed to delight the little ones and keep parents well entertained in the process.

  1. Jigsaw Puzzles Free Games for Kids and Parents
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GoodSoftTech has created a winner with Jigsaw Puzzles Free Games for Kids and Parents. This exciting puzzle-style game is rated E for Everyone and has received a 4.4/5 overall score from 14,583 reviewers. So, what’s it all about? There are an unlimited number of pictures for kids to use and between 4 – 100 puzzles to work through. The graphics are totally engaging and designed to delight players.

Among the many skills and abilities these games are geared to improve are cognitive abilities, patience and understanding, motor skills and more. What’s great about Jigsaw Puzzles Free Games for Kids is that it’s ideal for both kids and adults. It teaches all sorts of skills, including reading and writing and brain development. Some of the pictures you’re going to see in the games include: dogs and cats, planes, helicopters, aliens, spaceships, trains and princesses galore. It’s a fun-filled game for everyone and the kids love it.

  1. Word Connect 
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Word Connect by Zentertain is rated E for Everyone and has a 4.7/5 rating from 254,229 reviewers. This brain-training game is designed to help kids advance through multiple levels of gameplay (2,696+ levels) and all the words are listed in the Oxford Dictionary. Customisation of the game is possible with a wide range of themes (11 in total) for players.

To get started with word creation, simply swipe combinations of letters to form words and get points for advancing through various levels. The game features Daily Challenges for players and there are daily bonuses too. It’s possible to send coins to friends and family via Facebook and there are no time limitations on games. Another benefit of Word Connect is that you can play offline – no Wi-Fi is needed to get started on smartphones, tablets, and phablets.

  1. Top Gear: Race the Stig
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Top Gear: Race the Stig by BBC Worldwide (Ltd) is a fast & furious racing game. It’s rated E for Everyone and has a 4.0/5 score from 94,469 players. So, what’s it all about? Top Gear is a TV show where expert mechanics and drivers put the best cars to the test. Top Gear: Race the Stig is about high-speed racing, blasting over caravans, and weaving in and out of traffic. It’s a hot rod game where kids get to put their skills to the test against the Top Gear racing driver.

Engines are revving, tires are smoking, and the action is about ready to boil over. This app can link to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and you can take your seat in the Rocket Robin and become a force of nature. Be advised that players rate this app highly and it’s great for speed demons – kids on their trikes and bikes will think they’re Top Gear racing drivers!

  1. Toy Crush
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 Toy Crush by Match 3 Fun Games is one of the most wildly-entertaining puzzle games at the Google Play Store. It’s filled with over 2,000 puzzle levels for kids (and adults) to play though and each level gets progressively more challenging. In case you’re wondering what it’s all about, consider that players are required to match 2+ cubes of the same colour, alongside one another, to blast the cubes.

There are puzzles galore in this game and you are tasked with completing plenty of missions to advance up levels and score more points. When you match 5 or 6 cubes, there are rockets waiting for you. When you match 7 or 8 cubes you’ll be ‘bomb’ ready. 9 matching cubes results in a colour wheel and that’s a great way to beat the cubes. There are so many features in this great game – kids will love it. It’s colourful, free to play, filled with great toys and objects and challenging enough to keep kids occupied for hours. 

  1. Spot It
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What’s a puzzle game without matching abilities? Spot It by Asmodee Digital is a puzzle-style board game where kids are required to match symbols, build combinations and engage with friends to advance through higher levels of the game. Its been labelled a frenzy of activity with players needing to strike a balance between speed and strategy.

As kids advance through various levels of Spot It, they will fine-tune their reflexes and make their way through various levels. Challenge Mode is plenty of fun and there are loads of special events taking place where you can unlock all sorts of rewards and upgrade your skillset.


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