Top-7 online tools to increase your productivity while writing your thesis


Top-7 online tools to increase your productivity while writing your thesis

Thesis writing isn’t something you are going to do like a narrative story.  You have to dig up as much information as you can before thinking about getting down to business.  What’s more is that your writing must be exceptionally meticulous. You wouldn’t, for instance, want to imagine how many times work that has been copied & pasted has landed many students in trouble. In fact, it doesn’t matter even if you have only a fortnight to complete your final research work. Your problems could further be compounded by late submissions which can be due procrastination, a writer’s worst ailment.  So, here are some tips on how to plan and manage time for a thesis project. Top-7 online tools to increase your productivity while writing your thesis

This post looks at tools that can help you craft an incredibly outstanding paper within schedule using tools accessible on the web. They range from editing, archiving, proofreading, and formatting to referencing tools. The list is actually endless. 

The interest of time and quality

Given the utterly demanding nature of advanced academic papers such as thesis writing, a good number of students often resolve to look for help from third parties, at least in the interest of time.  Rushing through an important project like this is the last thing anyone would want to do. But what if you were to do it without seeking help from anyone? Most of the time, planning is the key. But again, it isn’t the trickiest part. Procrastinating of certain tasks within the whole project every time you are nearing completion can be very tempting. It could because you have a lot of other equally important projects to work on. And as you know, it is the thief of time, thus, a sure path to failure.  It eats into productivity, even of those who have honed scholarly paper writing skills over the years.

Tools to increase your productivity during thesis composition

  1. SpellCheck Plus Tool

You will agree with me that technology has literally brought everything to our fingertips and students are not exempted.  For a start, at least to ensure that your grammar is prolific, SpellCheck Plus is an online writing tool you will definitely fall in love with. You won’t be checking wording mistakes in a regular way but this tool categorizes everything for easier understanding why something ought to be corrected.  This means it is a tool that helps more than just editing parse. It teaches you too.

  1. BibMe referencing Tool

Thesis papers aren’t stories to churn in any way you want. They are end products of intense field research. There is a format to be followed. And BibMe has been a handy tool over the years for students looking into ways of acing their papers.  So, what does it do?  Well, back to the issue of plagiarism, it is notable that in thesis writing, you will borrow from existing knowledge and publications. But you shouldn’t write down lifted information as if they come from your imagination. Referencing or citation is important and this is where this tool comes in handily.  It teaches you different types of academic writing styles such as MLA, Chicago and more with respect to formatting.

  1. Google Scholar

The next one is Google Scholar, which is almost similar to BibMe, except that the criterion for using it varies significantly. With this tool, you get access to tons of papers written by others and even though there will be instances where owners of such publications will ask for some pay, others thesis helpers are for free use. Basically, there is citation functionality when you navigate to ‘cite’ link after which you choose one which befits your writing and formatting style.

  1. Evernote

Note taking is an integral part of academic writing. The tendency to forget is human and it’s why you need a tool like Evernote.  This is compatible with both computers and mobile devices such as Smartphones.  Fundamentally, it enables you to create a note, save them including WebPages, screenshots, and photographs you will need for later use.


Once you settle down and ready to go, chances are that without an ideal time monitoring and management technique, every effort could end up out of the window. is a tool for enhanced focus and increased productivity so that you don’t end up with a saturated mind at the end of a project and can’t think straight. With this tool, you define your tasks, allocate enough time for each, say twenty minutes, define resting durations and the cycle continues.

  1. Mendeley

There are a number of tools for research writing but Mendeley is something you are going to regret not knowing before now.  Technically, it helps you do a number of things such as generate topics, getting literature review formatted rightly, manage resources, annotations and more. It’s a tool that virtually all dissertation experts use to craft scholarly papers.

  1. Paperity

Sometimes buying sample papers and other resources can be costly on a student. Paperity is a tool that takes the hassle away but letting you into a collection of everything you need such as peer-reviewed journals all for free.

In summary, learning in this age is pretty fun and hassle-free. With as many Ph.D. paper writing tools as you can wish for, each presenting different functionalities, there shouldn’t be any excuse when your thesis paper falls below par.


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