TouchPress All Access Pass – Language Sampler

download-1Touchpress has always been synonymous with producing apps that are sheer perfection. The beauty of Molecules and Barefoot World Atlas has made them classroom standards as well as treasured reference material to explore at will for all ages. They have recently forayed into a subscription service for games that are intended for tweens and teens. They cover a broad spectrum of subject matter and are truly fun. Improving language and writing skills, science, and the ability to problem-solve are addressed through addictive gameplay. As kids play, they learn and directly apply new strategies on the fly. Today, I want to highlight a few of the language based apps and will present some of the other categories in subsequent posts. For the record, I have always been leery of subscriptions as they have a way of getting out of control. Many times, I have paid for subscriptions and forgot about them and then later realized my cash flow has been dwindled because of the “easy automatic payments”. TouchPress handles their subscriptions differently. Here are the pros and cons: Pros:
  • They are completely transparent as you can manage your subscription in-app in seconds and the ability to unsubscribe is always posted in every app you’ve downloaded.
  • In addition, being a tween or teen means you can rip through games at a fast and furious rate, and keeping up with that pace and hunger for play and learning can be expensive. The price of the subscription is a bargain compared to shelling out money every other day for games they will only play through once.
  • New games come out monthly, and if you have become attached to any specific game, there is an option to buy it outright.
  • Nothing, nada, zip
Let’s look at a few of the language apps – They are most of all FUN, and a wonderful way to use language to learn to organize one’s thoughts as gameplay in all the TouchPress games are designed for players to think flexibly. Some of the answers to proceed in the games may work for the moment but going back and retooling answers to questions broaden the spectrum of how one processes information. 400x400bb-1 images-3400x400bb-7             For more, please visit: Developmental Play and Learning - for a peek into some spectacular language apps.  
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