Toy Fair 2017 ~ Digital Learning Toys


Toy Fair 2017 ~ Digital Learning Toys

The Toy Driverthe Screwdriver for Toys was the first booth we stumbled upon that was on our list, very cool concept - little hands need help and this tool assists in changing batteries in toys with relative ease. Thinking it may be just as fun for adults and I am looking forward to giving it a whirl.

Cognitoy featuring the Smart CogniSaur is a very cool dino that uses the Artificial Intelligence of the IBM Watson and brings this friend and tutor to life. The AI technology automatically grows with your child and their experiences become more personalized the more they play, incorporating both educational and entertaining play without the screen!

Stages - Link4Fun uses embedded magnets and invisible ink codes to connect books and flashcards seamlessly with the iPad... no wires, Bluetooth, wifi, or any tech required. This multimodality approach is based on the research that more neural pathways will be opened and learning will be more robust. Great combination of simple non-fiction books, picture cards, and bingo games connect this learning library with your tablet, just like magic!

Props in a Box, who we came across at last year's Toy Fair, is back with more story lines and this costume kit featuring different genre's comes with a backdrop and all the accouterments to allow children to engage in pretend play all while as someone films the event on their SmartPphone. Easy but clever editing tools are included in the app to make a spectacular mini-movie.

Pai Technology was a one-stop-shopping booth for all your digital toy needs in one place. They featured four different products all screaming quality. The Paiband a wearable, rubrics cube like digital and manipulive toy named Cube-tastic, Pai Codebot, Pai Interactive Storybooks that incorporate AR, and their creative kit called Ocean Pets.

Beasts of Balanceof Balance is a rad new gaming concept that was one of the real delightful Toy Fair Finds of the show. Kids build balancing towers with wild beasts that then come alive on your screen, this new game of skill, strategy, and creation is truly unique. Play solo or with friends to stack magical artifacts and watch as they evolve your world on a connected digital device. But take care... the world ends when the tower falls!

SpinTales the first AR/VR experience via textiles, either a rug or duvet cover that comes to life with your tablet. TILT, a company providing a new type of interactive storytelling through jungle tales and classic adventures.

images-2SAM LABS another Toy Fair Find and filled with pleasure as one gets to program and play with a race car! This company has a new spin on coding giving young inventors the tools to program a vehicle that is then controlled from their Smart device by tilting and toggling buttons. This kit includes simple blocks that each programming a different skill, whether it be sensors, sound effects or design options. Great creative tool to stimulate the imagination and a bit of further research led to finding out that this is just one of their educational product kits.

Handtrux is a very cool hand tool that goes on like a plastic sleeve to enable your arm to become a digger or dump truck in the sandbox. Handtrux utilizes HAND* EYE* MIND Motor skills development to the highest degree of imagination.

*Punkinfutz was a great find for all children across a wide variety of special needs both emotional and physical without using any high-end tech. The costume like accessories can be completely personalized including velcro dots in kit to attach virtually anything to your costume. Attention to every possible element involved is taken into consideration including the product being made in America. Domestically in workplaces that provide integrated and supportive employment! Punkinputz, FUN products for children that are accessible across a broad range of physical, emotional and sensory needs.


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