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trilospellingappicon512Trilo Spelling by Trilo Interactive AB is their latest reading readiness/spelling practice app designed to engage children in happy gameplay all while pursuing foundational skills necessary for beginning readers. Kids love the friendly, yet elusive ghosts/monsters/aliens and there is a definite urge to follow their lead and continue the venture. Spelling may appear to be the focus, but beware children are getting a good dose of phonemic awareness by listening to the auditory prompts and filling in the blanks to make words. The developers have gone to painstaking efforts to replicate the correct sounds for the short vowels and the accompanying consonants. The app begins with the option to spell basic CVC words and continues through five levels which include digraphs, initial and final blends and even the FLoSS rule of doubling up the consonant at the end of a words ending with s, l, or f. There is a quick teacher/parent guide that is spot on, this app cuts to the chase and gives kids the needed practice to get on the road to reading!
There are two different modes of play: use the scattered letters to fill in the blanks to make the word after listening to it auditorily or match the identifying picture to the displayed word. It is fast paced and recognizes that ignoring inaccurate attempts is better than being preoccupied with trying to suggest correct answers. Gameplay is as fast as the child attempts it to be, in other words, they choose and continue at their own pace.   Trilo Spelling is an educational and adventurous phonics based spelling game for kids grades K-2. Follow the friendly ghost Spooka, the one-eyed mummy Sling and the funny zombie Frank through multiple spelling levels in the enchanting Trilo World while collecting puzzle pieces for hours of fun and learning.
TWA would love to see consistency in the images used to portray the word, at times the images are perfect and kids "get it" others are often harder to envision. Teachers With Apps had a flurry of email exchanges with the Trilo team and they supplied their own back story:  Based in Sweden, Trilo’s apps are rooted in the traditional Swedish learning principles of independence, immersion and multisensory engagement (touch, sound, sight) and developed in cooperation with US elementary educators and students to ensure the app is an engaging and effective educational tool for kids. Elementary school teachers with decades of experience instructing at phonics-based schools (Orton-Gillingham, early literacy support specialties) have been the primary educational resources for the app's development. Trilo Interactive is continuing to work with elementary educators in the US, and plans to launch a series of free releases of Trilo Spelling to a select number of elementary schools around the country. Our apps will never include advertising, in-app purchases, or external links. Only app including elementary education spelling and reading content.
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