5 Math Apps – You Probably Never Heard Of!

If you're a teacher or parent, you probably know that multiple platforms are filled with all kinds of educational apps. Many of which are outstanding, but some of which… are not. Finding a few of the hidden, lesser-known math apps isn't a terribly challenging task, but it is excessively time-consuming. So to save you a bit of time, I searched TWA's reviews from 2016 and came up with five math apps you may never have heard of but might benefit your students or children. Let's see if any of them fits the bill and if you know of some other awesome apps to supplement this list please add to the comments below!

     5 Math Apps - You Probably Never Heard Of! 

megacalproicMegaPro Calculator 5000 by Chris Ternoey is a powerhouse of mathematical understanding. Addition and subtraction with regrouping are two of the most difficult concepts to teach. Combining a working knowledge of Base 10 with the procedures needed to correctly solve the problems can be overwhelming for many students.  Teachers have struggled to find an easy way to introduce these concepts.  This app has uncovered the secret! After spending some time learning about Maria Montessori’s methods, Chris decided the calculator needed to be upgraded. Reimagine is what Chris has done.  MegaPro has taken mundane numerical calculations and turned them into engaging numerical interactions. READ FULL REVIEW HERE STAY TUNED - MAJOR UPDATE COMING! 400x40000bb-4-300x300Hoglet Studio has anther hit on his hands with mathie - Preschool Number Skills Game. (It’s for the 5 and under set, but it can be used with kids a little older too.) The game is simple to learn – feed a little animal type monster the cookies that he wants and in the order he wants. Just be sure to deliver them directly into his mouth! Intermittent rewards are offered as natural breaks to decorate your little monster’s world. I love how this game is multidimensional in its use. It not only teaches counting and patterns but also precise visual scanning and motor planning/targeting. Use of a stylus will help kid’s get used to holding a writing utensil without the added pressure of making specific marks. Those can be refined and shaped later. Design features are of course whimsical and not too overstimulating, allowing little ones to process the requests made. This is a must have for preschool teachers. icon_1469789145Hop Star: Fun Visual Math Learning Game for Grade 1 to 5 Kids by Skidos Learning is designed primarily as a fun mobile game and then integrated with challenging visual and mental math problems. The game centers on solving a series of problems or sequencing priorities for logical mathematical thinking. Once a series is solved, kids get the pleasure of playing a classic “Frogger type” game getting an animal across many streams. You have to admire the design – as the reinforcer is continuously teaching math concepts of space and force. Graphics are stellar and take you on a trip in the way-back machine. However, for the life of me, I couldn’t get that little guy over the water without a splash or a bang! READ FULL REVIEW HERE 400x40000bb-1-300x300Compare all Fractions by Bel Math, a husband, and wife team was made as a labor of love for their grandchildren. These two former computer science professors and mathematicians know how to teach mathematical concepts and make them stick. In this app, kids are challenged throughout 4 levels of difficulty. Fractions are compared in all their forms, including decimals and percentages. It is up to the user to determine if the two fractions are less than, equal, or greater than in comparison with each other. The interface is direct with a no-thrills presentation. This keeps the focus on the task, and keeps the pictorial in the mind about numbers without extraneous stimuli – and this is so important for special need’s kids. You can guess of course, but wrong answers are recorded as well as time and points so that kids can see improvement and where they may need to work. The quiz is over in 20 questions and is copied to the clipboard, so teachers can review data for progress reports or email results to parents. (For kids 9-11). itunesartwork2x-copy-300x300Fraction as Slope by Esa Helttula of  iDevBooks is simply elegant. It is written for big kids with a design that respects and lends gravity to what they are learning. It does not have pizza pies or bears running through the woods in order to gather the correct numbers for a presented equation. The app is simply composed of an adjustable grid where numbers are plotted along an axis so that you can visually SEE that fraction as a slope with all its equivalents, i.e. that 1/2 is the same as 2/4, or 5/10. AND that is what makes this so great. The replay value is simply genius in not only its layout and design for tablet use but also how fractions are presented in general. Visual learners can quickly get the skinny on fractions and by adding the kinetic component; it cements the concepts to memory. There are four sections with many options so that the app can be adjusted to provide the just right challenge over time. It is kid driven for open exploration, but still provides enough structure so there is a sense of completion and accomplishment. READ FULL REVIEW HERE
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4 Responses

  1. Many children have asked me why they cannot subtract larger numbers from smaller numbers in MegaPro Calculator. (It is ok that many kids also tell me it is very boring.) Being an app encourages putting any number in the space for the number being subtracted. Being able to do so chsnge my rating from a 1 to a 5. Kids know implicitly that it can be done even if teachers hide for later grades. My Genius of Play blog for the Toy Industry Foundation this past March describes a 4/5 yr old who asked me about subtracting 3 from 2. I use the story now when teaching teachers. Kids are smart and want to know. If a classroom teacher won’t allow them to grow in response to their curiosity an app surely can and should!

  2. Micheal Clark

    You can also add “Preschool Math Games for Kids” app to the list. Young kids will get experience counting, tracing and reading numbers in a fun, interactive way. And don’t let the name fool you! This app also features math exercises (addition, subtraction, sequence patterns, and more) for elementary schoolers—up to the 3rd grade level. This app is now available on app store.

  3. Megan

    I know one more perfect app to learn math! It is MOTION MATH: PIZZA!. With the help of this app, you can create your perfect pizza! Learning math is not boring and terrifying anymore since you can obtain and improve your economic or math skills just by buying ingredients, creating a various design, setting prices and providing service for the customers in your pizza restaurant!

    • Jayne Clare Jayne Clare

      Megan – You are right Motion Math is a fav and should be on the list! Thanks for writing and sharing that with TWA. Jayne