Two great apps from Technolio: WhoAmI Animals and abcTrace

Two great apps from Technolio Inc: Who Am I Animals and abcTrace.   WhoAmI Animals - This educational app will teach kids about animals and their sounds. It’s a fun trivia game where the children have to discover which animal is being shown. It can be played in 3 languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish. The game is easy, a close-up view of the animal will be shown followed by a voice saying a characteristic of that animal. The child will then have to choose from one of the animals on the three buttons on the left. If they choose correctly the voice will say the animals name followed by an animal sound.   abcTrace is an educational app that allows kids to trace the letters of the alphabet and learn their sounds in a fun & exciting way. Kids can combine different colors pens, see animations & hear various sounds’ in order keep them interested. Kids will have fun tracing capital and lower case letters and/or click the sound button in order to listen to the sound of each letter followed by a small animation. abcTrace currently supports three different languages, English, Portuguese & French. When the English language is chosen the phonetic sound will also be played along with the name of each letter.
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