Two Snappy Apps from Alligator Apps

  Alligator Apps has scored big with their app Mini Adventures ABC - Animals from A to Z.  My grandaughter asks for "that animal app, grandma, with the movies."Alligator Apps is one of my favorite developers with their high class and child-friendly apps.  Your children can discover over 260 animals.  The animals are from all over the world, stimulating interesting discussions of animals they would never see.  The photographs are bright and beautiful.  When the picture is touched, the word is read.  It is best to use this app in a 3G or wi-fi environment to enjoy the rich experience of the movies for each animal.  The movies are short, lasting under four minutes. They are fun to watch even for adults. On the main screen, either the play button can be pressed, or the browse button which brings up a thumbnail sketch of all the animals in alphabetical order.  The customization app is wonderful including sound on/off, replaying audio, as well as video on/off. Other really cool features include being able to pick certain letters of the alphabet, random order and capitalization.  You can also customize the cards and add your own. This app will be a hit at school also, as these animals will provide many wonderful learning opportunities. Even parents and grandparents will enjoy spending time on this cool and enriching app.   Alligator Apps scores big once again with Mini Adventures - Let's Go and Learn the Alphabet.  This app has every moveable item that a child could imagine, from all over the world - everything from vehicles to escalators!  There are bright pictures arranged randomly or alphabetically with vehicles portrayed in different environments.  This is a great way for children to explore new vehicles.. again, that they would not normally see.  This app also offers several customization features, including letters in lowercase, the sound on or off as well as replaying audio, highlighting the text and page swiping on or off.  One of the best aspects of this app is the video feature.  Other options include customizing cards and adding your own pictures.  Being able to see a real life situation provides many opportunities for learning and discussion. This would be a great learning option to put in a station for a kindergarten to meet the learning objective of knowing community vehicles.  Grandparents will love sitting down and looking at the pictures and videos lasting under four minutes.  Children will love "adventuring" and finding their favorite "go" picture.  This app is .99 and well worth the price!
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