Two Terrific Apps from Pirate Trio:

Two Terrific Apps from Pirate Trio: Shapes & Puzzles is an educational application designed for 3- to 6-year-olds. This app helps children learn to recognize and name shapes, sizes, and colors by constructing images of buildings, vehicles, people, animals, plants, tools and lots more in a pre-designed puzzle. There are 200 fun puzzles to provide hours of stimulating, imaginative, and educational play. Shapes & Puzzles not only helps improve your child’s ability to recognize shapes and sizes but also contributes to the refinement of their perceptual skills. They are encouraged to spot geometric shapes in the surrounding environment and appreciate the symmetry and asymmetry in architecture and design that they come into contact with every day. Children from non-English speaking countries may benefit from this game as an English teaching resource, as it contains 150 words and some useful expressions.   Love to Count is an educational application designed for children aged from 4 to 7 with over 700 math tasks... all in the jolly world of pirates! It introduces counting, adding, subtracting, order and fractions. They've incorporated a fun, motivating reward system that keeps the kids going. Aimed at introducing math to your child as an enjoyable and rewarding activity, this app creatively demonstrates the idea of numbers being the indicators of order, time, weight and quantity, enhancing their natural urge to find order in the world of numbers and shapes. Parents are provided with a tracking screen which is helpful for evaluating your child’s progress. The logging system allows the app to be used by more than 1 child without losing their scores and rewards given for correct answers. Love to Count by Pirate Trio aims to encourage your child to discover and understand maths, rather than learn it by heart. Solving these logical puzzles will play an important part in your child's development and help build their confidence at this early stage of schooling.
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