Unicheck has been on the scene for quite some time. This isn't the first time that Teachers With Apps has written about this plagiarism service and given accolades to this clear, intuitive and helpful system. What makes Unicheck a stand out is its simple user interface. Right now, Unicheck is FREE for academic institutions until June 30th- try out this tool during remote learning!

The educational landscape has changed over the last decade with so many digital tools at our fingertips, vast quantities of information available on any topic, and constant distractions from our devices. This unlimited access to information has changed the way students approach writing. Often it can become difficult for students to find their own voice and use their own words, leading them to inadvertently copy someone else's ideas and writing. Therefore, teachers must provide students with the appropriate skills they need to succeed in their writing in this new digital-academic world. This includes encouraging students to read and digest information, think critically about topics, and then conceptualize original ideas.

By combining both technological excellence and intuitive design, Unicheck helps to achieve authenticity instead of simply pointing out similarity.

Unicheck's carefully designed detection system helps both students and teachers review their written assignments and identify similarities, avoiding plagiarism issues. Plagiarism is a sensitive topic in all academic surroundings, from middle school through high school, and on to colleges and universities. Unicheck is a safe, convenient, and accurate system that makes it easy for teachers to decipher reports.

10 Stand Out Features

  1. Effortless integration with all major LMS's and a Google Classroom add-on for on-the-go similarity checks
  3. Real-time search across the Internet including educational databases, scientific journals, and files in your institution's account
  5. Links free from viruses, phishing, and other security threats
  7. Fast turn around, taking on average 4 seconds per page to deliver a report
  9. Comprehensive and easy-to-read reports
  11. Clickable sources and adjustable citations and references
  13. Submitted assignments stay secure in a private institution library, never transferred to any databases
  15. Support representatives are at your assistance 24/7 through chat, email, and phone
  17. Affordable for districts to implement
  19. Teacher training videos available


Beta Testing for EMMA, an AI Writing Assistant

Verify authorship of the papers with Unicheck’s Emma, your lifetime AI assistant. She can help you identify any students who need your advice on academic writing and reduce instances of contract cheating. Sign up HERE



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