Update on Storied Myth

  LogoNoBorder-1Storied Myth is a TWA favorite; Read the initial review here. Chapters 2 and 3 are now out and were well worth the wait. These Tales of Pangea and the quest of these 8 characters are quite literally mesmerizing, and I could think of nothing better than to have all 12 at my fingertips to binge on all weekend. The combination of reading, physical play with puzzles, and the augmented reality pieces make the stories come alive. One can’t help but to long for more, but the author has lessons for us all to learn whether we are 8 or 88 years old. Each story is brimming with life’s lessons on how one conducts oneself in life. Topics such as honesty, kindness, putting forth the right effort, and keeping an open mind are just a few of the themes for Chapters 2 and 3. I was lucky enough to meet with the author this summer and can attest that he not only knows how to write stories about these qualities but embodies them too. Learning to wait, is one of the hardest lessons to learn, and so we will just have to trust and try to contemplate, process, and practice the lessons learned from the stories as they come. FullSizeRender 2In chapter 2, more of the mystery of the Pendant of Gyres is unveiled. Luv, Kush, Manisha, and Takara begin a search for their friend and head of the Pangea Games, Mr. Dawson. It takes them down a mysterious pathway, where they not only find Mr. Dawson, but all of his research…some of it coded! Alas pirates in search of Dawson enter in, and____! The life of Mateo and his relationship to his family is revealed in Chapter 3. We also learn about the relationships between the athletes and contestants in the games. We see how they come to acknowledge and depend on the strengths of others in problem-solving and learning to ask for help when needed. Just what is Mateo’s sister doing in the Chemistry Building, and just what exactly is she doing with those chemicals?____ IMG_2255Activities include learning how to decode, learning about the names of chemicals, as well as learning to apply logic to set about solving a task. These are activities that can be explored off the line, and would be loads of fun, i.e. making coded messages to each other, writing adages in code and trying to guess them, and there are tons of ways to explore chemistry – making slime or a volcano is always popular. Two new everyday adventures in the lives of the characters have also been added to the Tales of Pangea and give more insight into who they are as individuals. The tales encompass the lessons each has learned prior to the coming of the games. Boots from Macedon teaches about perseverance and the ability to make goals. Takara learns the importance of keeping open to experiences, and how preconceived notions can sometimes be limiting. I will not go into more detail than that so as not to spoil the stories. FullSizeRender 3 Storied Myth currently is a subscription-based app that expands over 12 months time for families. These are timeless stories that would serve well in an afterschool group or as part of a reading curriculum. The material covers many skill sets from math, reading, and areas such as social skills and emotional well-being. The developers are committed to excellence and are currently looking for schools that would be interested in piloting the series of stories. They feel it best fits 2-4 graders. Here is the information for teachers:     Untitled  
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