Verizon Award Winner TinyTap Releases New Talking Shape Puzzles

  imagesKids DIY game creation app TinyTap, an education finalist for Verizon’s $10M Powerful Answers Award, released a new Shape Puzzle activity to make game creation even richer and more interactive. TinyTap is constantly coming up with new ways to actively involve kids in the learning process and motivate them to understand concepts in a fun way. Once a kid is able to understand, he is able to teach others. This is the idea behind the TinyTap community, an in­app App Store for kids, with thousands of educational games created by other TinyTap users. TinyTap’s new shape puzzle activity allows anyone to create and complete their own interactive puzzles. With simple tools, users can cut out shapes from any picture, record sounds, and drag and drop the pieces back where they belong to continue playing. The shape puzzle activity offers a new world of educational and fun possibilities for all ages; it is perfect for teaching new concepts or reinforcing old ones. As with TinyTap’s other activities, the user can tailor games according to specific lesson plans and a child’s individual learning needs. TinyTap’s shape puzzle activity is highly versatile and can be used however the creator sees fit. Parents can use it to make fun learning games for their kids­ they can give a specific sound to each shape and add a fun feedback response when placing them where they belong. -1 Teachers can create and/or complement lessons by using the shape puzzle as an interactive exercise for the class. For example, kids can learn about the human body by placing bones where they belong, identify different shapes and learn spatial perception, learn spelling and grammar by dragging and dropping words where they belong to form a sentence, learn geography by placing states, cities, and countries in the right place on a map, and much more. Combined with TinyTap’s Q&A, soundboard and reading activities, the shape puzzle is a great assessment tool for kids to practice what they’ve learned. YouTube Preview Image TinyTap is now starting its next round of funding and looking for potential investment partners.

About TinyTap

TinyTap is an iPad/iPhone app that lets anyone create, share and play educational games for kids.
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