Victor’s cold! HD

Victor's cold! HD, by SlimCricket, is too cute for words! This book app features an absolutely adorable little penguin, named Victor.  He is cold and he visits all kinds of friends in the neighborhood to help warm him up. He slides down the ice slide with his dad, dances with a bear, swims with the whale, and finally weeps frozen tears that no one! When Victor returns to his Mommy, and then his Daddy he is finally WARM and he's made a slew of friends along the way. This little app has lots of action and is rightly described as a mix of story and play. One of the options on the main menu is Surprise, which takes your child back into the book to an array of fun and learning ♥ "Victor’s cold!" An artful blend of story and play for pre-primary school kids♥ "Victor’s cold!" is the touching story of a little penguin who’s always cold. You may know that, in the world of penguins, the Mommy lays the egg and then goes away... Neither his father nor the numerous animals he meets on the ice can find a solution to help him get warm. Will he manage to warm up again? Your child is active in the story: ✪ Putting together a puzzle ✪ Recognizing musical instruments ✪ Associating shapes ✪ Developing his/her reflexes ✪ Playing with words and the text of the e-book ✪ Drawing, scratching, rubbing and many others ways of actively participating... "Victor’s cold!" was created especially for children from 2 to 5 years old.
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