Vroom Vroom Race to Read

113079462Vroom Vroom Race to Read by Lavelle Carlson of Speech Pathology Apps is intended for those children who may be struggling with basic decoding skills, it also is an excellent tool to practice tracking, an often overlooked skill. Proper directional tracking is looking at and processing all the letters in sequence from left-to-right. Proper directional tracking is fundamental for reading success. Every reading program includes the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic modalities. Don't let the simplicity of this app fool you, it is well designed with many specific requisites for learning to read fluently. Vroom Vroom Race to Read is an expertly designed and research-based supplement to any reading program. Instinctively, looking all over is a better way to collect and process information. Straight line, left-to-right processing is one of the arbitrary components of our man-made written English language. Neuroscience is now confirming that learning to read does not come naturally to the human species, it must be taught. Kids must learn and automatically apply many skills in order to read fluently. screen480x480 The object of the game is for the student to go around the track and touch the target word shown at the top of the screen before the car gets to the word. If the child fails to do this, the car crashes and the game will automatically begin again using that same target word. If the by accident the child touches one of the random words that may resemble the target word the car crashes and once again the game begins again. Making it around the track by successfully touching the target word before the car gets to it and avoiding the random words get the driver a huge applause from the grandstands and another target word can begin. TWA was unsure whether some children were going to enjoy the crash more than the win and perseverate on it, this was not the case with any children we worked with. There are nearly 800 words to learn: Level 1 - consonant-vowel-consonant short vowel Level 2 - consonant-vowel-consonant long vowel silent “e” Level 3 - 2-vowel walking and au, aw, ow, ou Level 4 – dge, tch, ck Level 5 – blends Level 6 Dolch words Or, create your own reading/spelling word lists! VROOM VROOM Race to Read is an excellent supplement to any reading and phonics program, specially designed for the struggling reader in mind who may need much more repetition than their peers. If a student is struggling, he/she will need more than an app. However, we at www.speechpathologyapps.com feel this app can cover many of the above. It has the visual left-to-right as well as the auditory and the interest and repetition. Two Tips from Lavelle:
  1. It is important that children learn to self-monitor.
  2. It is also important that the children write the words in addition to  practicing them visually
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