Do You Want To Create a Social Network? Check Ning for Education


Do You Want To Create a Social Network? Check Ning for Education

Ning can be a powerful tool for anyone if it is used properly and effectively. Ning networks can allow you to network and communicate, share stories and your works in the most convenient and effective way. It can allow you to share resources in a closed environment that is just for you.

These days, there are a variety of ways of creating a social network around any topic, but the platform of is probably the best solution as it is an easy and effective way to create a website or an online network, even if you have limited technical understanding how it all works. Ning provides a platform for starting a blog so that you can share all the information and also organize vivid communication with others, whether you know them well or they will be your new followers. There are also a number of website templates, so that you can set up your website and make it look the best for your idea: a portfolio of work samples, a template for charity organizations, for education-related websites, for home-made and crafty blogs, etc.

Ning offers domain names and hosting, as well as excellent support for using custom domains as well. There is the ability to include activity feeds just like most social networks, as well as forums and polls for creating better reader engagement. You can also create e-mail broadcasting so that you can reach your audience seamlessly and effectively.




There are effective tools for SEO optimization, as well as customizable CSS, JavaScript and HTML pages so even if you do not have a whole lot of technical knowledge, you can create beautiful and effective pages, and they make it easy for anyone to create social network with ease.

Of course, it is possible to upload photos, HD videos and audio files, so you can create custom uploadable webinars and demonstrations, which can be extremely useful for teachers, hand-made craft businesses, or any vloggers. The interface is easy to use and can be as simple as dragging and dropping!

There are also a great number of monetization options. You can create paid access to certain content, so that customers have to subscribe and pay a subscription fee to access certain article or other content that is available. You can create paid memberships. It is also possible to create a donation option so that website visitors can donate an amount of their choosing and you can decide what the benefits might be for that.

Ning networks also have incredible mobile responsiveness, so you can access your website or network from anywhere, whether it can be a cell phone or a tablet, and it still will look attractive and user-friendly.

Ning allows you to integrate your website seamlessly with all of the best and most popular social networks that are already out there so that you can share your content across platforms with ease.

Whether you are a seasoned Internet user looking to network and share your vast knowledge about what you are good at, or a new user who is looking to find some resources to help you get started and find your way into the network creating field and looking for some tricks of the trade to help you deal with whatever you might be facing, Ning can be a great and powerful tool that will help you along the way. Be sure to consider using it for your networking needs.


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