Want to Teach Your Kindergartner (or Preschooler) to Read? Get to Know American Reading at Home

Dr. Sears did and found success with American Reading at Home

According to nationally renowned pediatrician and author Dr. Bill Sears, “My daughter, Hayden Sears-Livesay, is using the program with our 5-year-old granddaughter, Morgan, with great results and we’re thrilled to share our enthusiasm for this terrific program with parents everywhere.”

American Reading at Home is a reading program from American Reading Company that helps children ages 3-6 during the earliest stages of reading development. The company publishes books that work like training wheels on a bicycle—because so much of the reading support is provided by the books, children gain confidence as they master just one new skill at a time. The narrow hierarchy of skills required at each level ensures children don’t get frustrated but experience successful reading practice.

Watch the 3-minute video to see how it works.

According to Founder & CEO Jane Hileman, “Without question, the most important thing parents can do is read aloud to their child. When a child is ready to start reading on his or her own, the last thing you want is for them to get discouraged. The problem with many books labeled ‘for emerging readers’ is that they are still too hard for the true beginner. That’s why our books are so special—kids can actually ‘read’ them before they can even read words.”

With American Reading at Home, there are no workbooks, no lesson plans, and no interactive screens. Instead, parents are encouraged to spend 10 minutes a day listening to their child read from “books that fit.” The program deliberately puts the child in the driver’s seat to own their reading progress. Children choose books they want to read and understand what skill they need to master to move to the next color level. According to mother Leslie Samaha of Media, Pennsylvania, “After 6 months of using this program (we got the Complete Bundle), my 5-year-old son went from not being able to read at all to knowing 100 sight words. The best part, though, is that he’s so proud and views his newfound reading ability as ‘amazing.’ He puts on his super reader cape, and the joy of reading is now part of his daily routine.”

Dr. Bill Sears reads with his granddaughter, Morgan, 5

Dr. Bill Sears reads with his granddaughter, Morgan, 5

Hayden Livesay Sears reads with her daughter, Morgan, 5

Hayden Livesay Sears reads with her daughter, Morgan, 5

“Ownership is very important,” says Dr. Bill Sears. “It establishes a child’s internally motivated desire to learn. As with any activity in life, with confidence comes the desire to do more.”

The launch of American Reading at Home is tantamount to the public unveiling of 20 years of development work by American Reading Company, a nationally recognized leader in reading programs for schools. The new website, includes free coaching tips that have been teacher-vetted, parent-approved, and kid-tested in thousands of schools across the country. Parents can get started with 12 free eBooks, which can be read online or with the Bookshelf app, available via the Apple App Store.

About American Reading Company

American Reading Company transforms school cultures to create sustainable academic achievement through training, management, and monitoring. The company was founded in 1998 and is based in King of Prussia, PA. Today, more than a million students in 2,100 schools across 420 districts in 41 states participate in the company’s programs, which include ACTION 100, 100 BOOK CHALLENGE and RESEARCH LABS.


For more information about American Reading Company visit www.americanreading.com or contact Francine Rosenthal at frosenthal@americanreading.com or (610) 992-4150.

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