Want your kids to overcome their fears? There’s an app for that!

Series of interactive apps and eBooks helps kids conquer firsts

  LL_button-_trademarkFor every parent who has watched a child tremble in the hairdresser's chair, drag their feet to swim lessons, or cry on the way to the pediatrician, help has arrived.
"Luca Lashes" is a collection of kids' eBooks and interactive apps – aimed at kids ages 0–4 – that turns “fear of firsts” into fun.
Created by long-time educators Nicole and Damir Fonovich, the series (Cynopsis: Kids !magination Honorable Mention award-winner) was inspired by their little boy, Lucas, and their desire to help him be brave in all his childhood discoveries: the first swimming lesson, first plane ride, first trip to the dentist, first haircut. "As a parent, the 'firsts' were a huge source of anxiety," says Nicole. "Childhood discovery should be a learning experience and an opportunity for parent/child bonding. That's why we created "Luca Lashes"to help fellow parents remove the fear and worry associated with the firsts." Nicole and Damir recruited a team of editors, illustrators, music composers, translators, and narrators to create an educational and fun answer to every parent's struggle. The result: a whimsical, multi-lingual (English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese) line of children's eBooks and apps based on a boy with magic eyelashes which give him special brave powers in all his "scary" firsts. There are currently nine books in the series that follows Luca as he (and his parents) conquers fearful firsts, from brushing his teeth to visiting mommy in the hospital. Parent suggestions at the back of each book and on YouTube highlight key teaching concepts and offer questions parents can use to prompt learning opportunities.
New technology also allows for interaction with the words and illustrations. For example, the Luca Lashes: The Brown-Eyed Boy with the Magic Eyelashes app allows readers to listen to the school bus as it honks and drives away, hears the dog bark, and turn Luca's bedroom lights on and off. In the Luca Lashes Learns to Brush His Teeth app, kids see toothpaste being squeezed onto the toothbrush, hear the sound of toothbrush bristles, and hear frogs "ribbit" and ducks "quack" in the background.
AVAILABLE AT: Luca Lashes: The Brown Eyed Boy with the Magic Eyelashes app is free on iTunes, and the other apps can be downloaded for $1.99 at all major marketplaces. Accompanying eBooks can be purchased for $2.99 everywhere eBooks are sold, and also at Lucalashes.com. View the Electronic Press Kit here.

Luca Lashes and His First Airplane Ride (Aug 2013)

  NICOLE & DAMIR FONOVICH have backgrounds in teaching, writing, and publishing. Together, they have 17 years of experience in education, in both teaching and administration. Nicole has a Master of Education in Educational Policy and Leadership and has served in the field of financial aid for the majority of her adult life, helping students. They live in the Phoenix area.
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