We ARGH Pirates –

  icon-pirates We ARGH Pirates the latest release by Avokiddo is a brilliant super-challenging PIRATE adventure which will surely give you a run for your money! This app is not for lightweights and scallywags but is suggested for ages 6 and up. In it, they will find this exciting escapade over the top in its rigor. Shiver me timbers, this app is part scavenger hunt and part pure escapade from the everyday world. So set sail o'er the seven seas, where you will find daredevil stunts galore, silly pranks and all kinds of slapstick shenanigans to challenge the brain. The rogue Captain Rose, and his more than motley crew of Claire 'Long Hair', Ruprecht (AKA 'the Shovel'), and by far the Zaniest Granny you have ever encountered set sail around a string of islands in search of buried treasure. Oh, and did I mention get ready to dig? treasure map Like the other Avokiddo apps, this one is a solid romp in learning, where you'll find cognitive challenges in physics, problem-solving, creative thinking, and memory. The ANTICS continue from island to island strengthening that adept grey matter. The scientific thinking needed to solve the puzzles has an old school feel almost like Rube Goldberg in its slapstick and zany gameplay. And  ARGH, it will provide you with hours of brainwork figuring out how to make it to the lost pirate's booty.
A Look Inside We Argh Pirates
On opening, the crew is sailing on open seas, doing a little fishing for their supper. When gasp! They happen upon a map of buried treasures in the isles far away. Ever so interested in obtaining that treasure. These pranksters are full of mischief and with 8 missions to overcome including the finding of the map, you'll be engaged through plenty of folly and roguery. Take care Mateys as found and needed objects are cataloged in the right corner. You never will be knowing what's needed in the pirate life. slide2 The next few missions are about coordinating and refining one's visual-motor systems. To overcome the challenges, kids must respond in a fluid synchronized manner or risk perils to the ship or themselves. Visual scanning and the ability to determine directionality is a must. There be tricks mind you - and here is a hint from an old salt - collect your cannonballs and barrels and use them wisely. Over a rickety bridge - watch out for the crows - and onto the Volcano of 1000 caves where you'll follow Granny through a variety of caves to achieve the goal. Do you turn Left or Right?...Form a Hypothesis and test its outcome. Just beware Granny has a rolling pin - and isn't hesitant to flatten ya should you be ill advising! Remembering the sequence of the caves is a feat in itself, and with Granny leading the way, the rest of the crew are sure to follow. In the caves is a firey challenge - do you have what it takes to avoid the blazing lava pits? Inside the Cave of Treasures - Use the found jewels to unlock sound sequences to enter the cave of treasures. Once the auditory sequence has been unlocked - and these are tricky - all the lost pirate's booty is yours! Well done me maties - enjoy and spread the spoils of your wealth to those who can benefit! We ARGH Pirates is a wonderful escape with an addicting element to make kids return, again and again, it's got solid shelf-life combined with deep learning, nothing wrong with that! Avokiddo is an award-winning studio specializing in the development of quality educational apps for children.  No in-app purchases, no 3rd party ads, COPPA compliant & Crafted with love.


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