wearable-tech WEARABLES for Kids, wearables are defined by Investopedia are "Wearable Technology Electronics that can be worn on the body, either as an accessory or as part of the material used in clothing. One of the major features of wearable technology is its ability to connect to the Internet, enabling data to be exchanged between a network and the device." Obviously, this tech had its origins without considering children. But with the trickle down effect, it has now made its way into the kids market and from what I can tell it is here to stay, although I expect several iterations. This new medium can be as diverse as a GPS life saver or as simple as an incredible play activity that gets kids out of their seats! images-2Moff is a Bluetooth enabled wristband that when connected to a device (Android or iOS), creates a powerful call to action through sound effects. It is an incredibly active opportunity for children to move and it is fueled by imagination. It helps (bridge the gap between ideation and execution that organically (Jo layman's terms) allows the development of motor planning through the experience of listening to familiar sounds. It then gives a child the purpose of taking action. The movement of a student’s arm activates the device to play an auditory cue via the app that is totally at the moment (in other words – no movement, no sound). Want to be a ninja swordsman, a world-class tennis player, or maybe something different altogether like a puppy or kitten? This smart band has it all, from being a rock and roll star to being a superhero. Research advises that kids need brain breaks coupled with movements to grow, learn, and be happy. imagesHot off the press is a new concept that will be easily adaptable to a variety of content areas. This new smart t-shirt is a virtual reality-enabled anatomy lesson! Curiscope created Virtuali-tee to give kids a cool way to bring anatomy to life. The t-shirt looks like a stylized skeleton, but when viewed through the mobile app, the shirt displays internal organs in all their glory. The 3D anatomy experience can be viewed through the Virtuali-tee app on any smartphone or tablet, it is programmed to give kids an exciting and immersive hands-on anatomy experience. Virtuali-Tee and biology app is making the mundane and abstract come to life for a whole new immersive educational encounter. fbd32a364dbf9d243d4d118d32c555deA-Champs has come up with an awesome gaming concept that gets kids off the couch, away from games consoles, and operates without a screen, it's called ROXs. It could be considered a "real life video game" where kids run around in their own backyard or in a park playing ten preset movement games. There is no end to kids creating their own games and putting their own twist on things. ROXs gameplay combines the latest tech, a simple gaming concept and an integrated product platform to get kids to run, move and jump. These wirelessly connected high-tech sound and light buttons prompt kids to scramble around hunting for higher scores, think - playing a temple run game in real life. ROXs was field-tested with hundreds of kids, parents and PE teachers and everyone loves the product because it’s pure fun and loads of action packed gameplay. ROXs can be placed anywhere: on the ground, fixed to a tree or strapped around objects and friends. There are no limits, only children's imaginations rule. technology-blog-2AngelSense is a child GPS Tracker and an app for the adults, designed to create a piece of mind for parents and a safe environment for children with special needs. This tracking device was created specifically for kids with sensory sensitivities and special needs. How could this work, you may ask? It has been designed in connection with an app that works with non-removable wearable accessories embedded with GPS technology and a specific key for removal by the parent. Schools can also get involved with an interface that helps the school staff in securing the safety of the child during school hours. It can be preprogrammed with a predefined trusted group of people regarding a lost child, along with a live view of the child’s location & direction to the child. Receive a text message when your child arrives and departs from a specific place, and for every unexpected car stop and location change. A virtual guardian! As kids wearables continue to hit the marketplace we can all watch as they develop, improve, and push the envelope to stay afloat in this sea of technology.  
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  1. 10/5/17 Ed Barton, the CEO and co-founder of Curiscope, hosted an EdAppTalk chat where the Virtual-Tee (Augmented Reality t-shirt) was presented (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/curiscope-virtuali-tee/id1135840956?ls=1&mt=8). It was a very successful presentation. There is the response from one of the participants: “This is the best application of augmented reality that I have seen yet! GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT for the kiddoes!”

  2. Jayne Clare Jayne Clare

    Most wearables are very easy to get on and off, many headsets purposely come without a strap as they do not want children to leave them on for more than a few minutes at a time.