Weird But True

  Weird But True, by National Geographic Society - We thought of this app as being more magazine-like than a book, pleasant surprise it's a book.  This is a VERY cool app with incredible visuals: photos, collage, diagrams, signage, and graphic art... and full of wonderfully outrageous facts! Today we learned that is named after the number googol - a one followed by a hundred zeros. Many of the visuals are accompanied by sound effects, which heightens the overall experience to a big, "WOW!" At least that's what we heard as we passed this around to students of varying ages and interests. We later learned this app is based on the  National Geographic Kids' magazine, so it's no wonder this app is top notch! The app is chock-full of tremendous, fun-packed trivia and wild-n-wacky facts, whimsical child-friendly designs, and all-out reading fun, just like the magazine and books. Eye-popping photos and bold, colorful graphics nab kids' attention and entice them to read. Brain-bending facts cover a broad range of topics, from science to foods to pop culture and just about everything else under the sun. Kids will have so much fun that they won't even realize they're learning.          


-Swipe to move from fact to fact or shake the device to see a random fact. -Use the Weird-O-Meter to rate the level of “weirdness” for each fact and monitor results from all users on the Weirdest Facts list! -Bookmark your favorites or share the grossest facts with your friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter. -Use the Fact Finder to locate facts about your favorite subjects—animals, weather, space, science, and more! -Loaded with sound effects and awesome surprises, Weird But True is fun for kids of all ages! 
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