What Ever Happened to Common Sense? No Child Pushed Ahead

urlThe "No Child Left Behind Act" also implies that no child will or should be pushed ahead. Where is common sense here? The present day school system was conceived and implemented in the industrial age. Our students are not all on page 39, some of our students aren't even in the same book, so WHY do we insist that all students meet the same criteria on a test? I think these expectations are completely misguided & naive. Not all children are born with the same intellectual potential or academic aptitude. Genetic factors greatly influence these things just as much as the environment does. To assume that all children can achieve the same standard of learning/intelligence is a ludicrous belief. Widespread school "failure" is an inevitable outcome of NCLB's one-size-fits-all design because of unrealistic "adequate yearly progress" provisions. Unrealistic goals are set for academic gains, diversity is punished, and creativity ignored. Our own government claims to recognize this, Arne Duncan blamed the failure rate on the law itself, not on schools. CNN.com During the past decade, "teaching for the test," has become a big business. And why if so many of us educators are rallying for less emphasis on testing, are we still doing test prep? It is time to stop talking and start doing, maybe not Occupy Wall Street style, but educated actions using common sense. We are putting all of our eggs in one basket and that basket is a bad test taken once a year. More than likely you agree with me on this - let's agree that we have a national problem with our broken educational system and it is time to stand up and demand change. Let's agree to work together and in addition to writing, talking, twittering, Facebooking, blogging, YouTubing, digging, stumbling, TEDing, about it - we'll start acting on getting this educational revolution rolling. I hereby declare that I will not teach to one bad test and I will not tolerate having my students judged by the results of one test. “It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.” — Robert G. Ingersol (great orator of the 1800s)
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