What is STEMtrunk?


STEMtrunk is the Netflix (you know, when they sent you DVDs?) of educational toys. Make a list and start getting robots, drones, computer kits and more delivered to your door. Ready for the next product? Just send it back and the next one arrives in days. Simple. Educational. Fun.

Educational toys are expensive, but we want our children to have the best. Why spend hundreds of dollars on one STEM toy when you can get access to dozens for one low monthly fee? Along comes STEMtrunk!

Some of STEAMtrunks

Some of STEAMtrunks Products

Trying to get your child into STEM? Looking for a more hands-on approach to education? STEMtrunk is a subscription lending library for the best K-8th grade STEM (Science / Technology / Engineering / Math) toys in the world. So what does that mean? Simple - instead of paying hundreds of dollars to try out a new educational product - you get access to DOZENS of products delivered right to your door for one low monthly fee.


Aaron Watkins
Sacramento, United States



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