Where Do Balloons Go? An Uplifting Mystery

  Where Do Balloons Go? An Uplifting Mystery : a creativity-enhancing kid's book by Jamie Lee Curtis (by Auryn Apps) is sure to bring a big grin to anyone lucky enough to share in this storybook App. The wonderful illustrations by Laura Cornell, the best-selling author-illustrator of “Today I Feel Silly” and “Other Moods that Make My Day”, are a perfect match for Jamie Lee’s written words and her charismatic telling of this tale. A celebration of imagination is what takes place here. Attention to detail and outstanding quality, make this app a total standout! When a little boy accidentally lets go of his balloon, his imagination takes him on an astonishing journey, which is captured in this delightful rhyming story. From the intimidating Bates Hotel to a lone swinger at the party scene. Then out into space and beyond, there is a theme here - Letting Go, and we all could use another lesson on this notion.

Engaging, YES! With over a hundred amusing interactions spread across the seventeen pages, this app demands a long shelf life. The music is phenomenal and really enhances the experience by breathing life into the differing scenarios involving balloons on each and every page. Our personal favorite is the personalize your own postcard option and then send it to a friend. There is also a Balloon Theater where stories from your child’s fantasy can be brought to life by creating characters, recording dialogues, enacting scenes and creating a full-fledged play. So many great options make it easier than ever to ignite your child’s imagination and keep them wanting more…

      Key Features ★ Learn and explore as you play with animated balloons by recording your funny helium balloon voice, matching balloons with their human pairs and more! ★ Let their imagination flow into the outer space by getting them to join the stars and create imaginary constellations ★ Play the Animal Balloon Game by touching the clown’s nose to enter. Inflate the balloon, twist and turn it into various animal shapes. ★ Listen to what each and every character in the story has to say to you nudging them to talk Haven't you ever wondered ... Where do balloons go                     when you let them go free? It can happen by accident. It happened to me.Do they tango with airplanes? Or cha-cha with birds? Can plain balloons read balloons printed with words? "I am blown away, excuse the pun. I had no idea how exciting this new wave of publishing could be," saidJamie Lee Curtis.  "This is the most cutting-edge and creative venture I have ever been involved with and I'm so pleased that it captures the inherent poignancy of the story of losing a balloon and all the emotions that it brings. I am so very proud to present this to the world."  - Jamie Lee Curtis Watch the videos of Jamie Lee Curtis describing her Inspiration for Where Do Balloons Go? and her Where Do Balloons Go?" Tutorial.  
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