Whisper, I Yelled!

The Tip of the Day came from Paula Kluth's Blog. Whispering can be a very effective way to capture the attention of a person who seems inattentive. It may be helpful to use when the individual does not seem to understand what you are saying or when the situation is chaotic. I have used this technique in the classroom and with family and friends for years and it can be very effective. My experience is that you need a little bit of drama or body language threw in to get your point across, most teachers have that part on auto-pilot. It's really amazing to watch kids faces when they have no idea what you are saying, especially when they least expect it. Whispering, instead of raising your voice, can, in fact, can be a very effective way to get others to listen when you feel like yelling is the only solution. I have been whispering for years and my own children know that I'm serious if I get all quiet on them… An app that Teachers With Apps recently reviewed has an awesome example of this concept. The app storybook, Where Do Balloons Go? An Uplifting Mystery, by Auryn, has many extraordinary happenings taking place, lots of action, lots of sound effects, lots of noise. Then the reader is taken to one page, where a huge party is going on, expecting, even more, noise, of course, it is a party! The page is very surprising because along with all the interactions and animation there is one lone sound. It is that of a child quietly swinging on the swings. When you are expecting an entire cacophony of sounds coming from all directions, all you hear is the “scritch-scritch” of a lone child going back and forth on a swing. App developers should remember and heed this advice: sometimes less is more. Just because you can doesn’t mean you have to. This holds true for gaining attention through a whisper. Be mindful of adding too much stuff and overstimulating the senses. If you are in need of a coach for mastering the concept of whispering to be heard, you can take a lesson from Virgin Atlantic, they indeed have whisper coaches. Or read Tracy's blog entitled, the Power of a Whisper. Shhhhhh, enjoy and reap the benefits of a whisper.
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