Who doesn’t love a crazy good children’s book app?

WEb0044w Who doesn't love a good book? Better yet, who doesn't love a crazy good children's book app? Here are 10 FAB children's book apps. Enjoy!   DownloadedFile5Roxie’s Doors, by OCG Studios – The award-winning storybook Doors, by Roxie Munro, is now available as a lift the flap 3-D search book. You can choose to read this book yourself or be read to by the author. Find and animate over 90 little things and objects that are hidden behind doors, in drawers, and in cabinets. Activate a multitude of funny sounds and increase children’s’ vocabulary by searching for objects that might be new words for them. Stimulate your kids’ curiosity with this fun search-and-find, lift the flaps book which is written in rhyme. Roxie’s Doors is a well executed “I spy” book with wonderful hand drew graphics. We love the rhyming text, as well as the option of two different voices to narrate. Remember to tilt the screen to reveal hidden corners of the screen. This app will challenge children (some objects are tough to find!) and keep their attention. No rooms, closets or cabinets are off limits in Roxie’s Doors!   400x400bb-6-300x300Oceanhouse Media has done the unthinkable…making an already great app better! The new interactive features of Green Eggs and Ham is sure to delight moms and teachers, but more importantly kids everywhere! This beloved book by Dr. Suess has a cleaner less cluttered interface on the home page. All settings are conveniently accessed through a little book icon on the top. Read to Me, Read to Myself, and highlighted text is present and accounted for as well as the ability to tap and hear individual words. This is so important to help a beginning reader get through a page independently by exploring words at their own pace. It is that self-driven motor act that helps seal in the information for future use, because of the synchronization of sight, sound, and movement (directly tapping calls in the motor system to help facilitate retrieval of the information through multiple pathways).   imgres-1PJ’s PJs, by Ink Robin, is an adorable book app series starring Percival Jenkins, who LOVES bedtime! This just might be the perfect app to help you get your little ones to bed with relative ease.  You maybe even get a bath in, prior to your little one retiring, without a fuss. Percival has 329 different pairs of amazing pajamas, and every time he puts on his pajamas a new adventure begins. There are three stories so far; PJ’s PJs Giraffe! is the first in the series, followed by PJ’s PJs – Koalas! and PJ’s PJs – Anteaters!.Teachers With Apps sure hopes they plan to keep adding additional titles to this series, as the potential following for Percival Jenkins is huge! In this story PJ is wearing his giraffe pajamas which transform him into a real giraffe in Africa. Read full review   icono-4esquinitas-ios7-512-EN-1-300x300Four Little Corners, by DADA Company, is a simple storybook app with a sophisticated message - fitting in with your peers can be as difficult as fitting a square peg through a round hole. Wow! Four Little Corners is digital masterpiece, based on the original book by Jérôme Ruillier, whose message is a timeless classic. We LOVE this unassuming yet profound story/app; it is a delightfully darling little tale that has such a powerful message! Four Little Corners reinforces integral values such as friendship, integration, equality participation, comradeship, and social justice. The message that it is just fine to be different comes through loud and clear! Four Little Corners reinforces integral values such as friendship, integration, equality participation, comradeship, and social justice. Read full review   icon1024-1-300x300Rom and the Whale of Dreams, by BelMontis, is a magical dreamy tale written by Jose Miguel Vilar-Bou and illustrated by Alejaandra Zuniga that takes place in the enchanting Kingdom of Gypsies called Numia. This is where imagination is the ruler and dreaming is a thing of the past. For the people of Numia have forgotten how to dream and must suffice with only their daydreams. The young Prince Rom has a recurring dream about a whale creature and he decides to go off looking for this mysterious animal. This wonderful fairy-like tale is available in three different languages, English, Chinese and Spanish. What child doesn’t love a great story? Great stories never grow old! Read full review   Chain-ReactioniTunesArtwork@2x-300x300Axel’s Chain Reaction, written by Allison Pomenta, illustrated by Monica Armino and developed in conjunction with Cubic Jigsaw, mesmerized every group of students we shared it with. It delightfully conveys a powerful and poignant message to the youth of today – don’t give up! Try and try again, a concept many kids today have had little experience with. Teachers are going to love sharing this app time after time, and so will parents. The app features Axel Jansen, an inventor and individual unaware of his lack of social skills. Axel also struggles with attentional issues and being “different”.  He feels completely misunderstood by his peers, a secondary theme that runs throughout this spectacular book. Read full review   imgres-31Millie’s Crazy Dinosaur Adventure – Millie Was Here, Book 3 by Megapops LLC is another wonderful tale from the makers of Millie and the Lost Key. As with all of the Megapops apps featuring Millie the dog, this story is as zany as ever. It has all the components needed to draw kids in and keep them totally mesmerized. Parents rejoice, this is one sophisticated app that packs a punch every time. The unique photo collage style and gaming feel give this app an edge over others. Join Millie as she travels back in time to retrieve the forgotten birthday gift for her dear friend Kitty and accidentally ventures back a tad farther than planned. Help the story take twists with the unique story switcher feature, which gives you options of where to take the story next. Read full review   icon175x175Dentist Bird: A West African Folktale by Literary Safari Inc. is a wonderful story to share with young children and is a must have app for anyone teaching diversity, compassion, and empathy. The book was written and retold by Michael Richards and has been illustrated by David Wolobah, he applies oil paint to denim with knife and palette for a distinct and original style that enriches the story ten-fold. If you are as intrigued with the artwork as we were, watch this moving interview with the Liberian artist here. The awesome story contains surprising visuals and a cacophony of animal sounds throughout, couple this with a just-right mix of soothing music and engaging interactivity – you’ve got yourself a winning combination! Read full review   909913283Fiona & the Fog by William Poor A meditative storybook about a girl & her scarf lost in the fog … Set in San Francisco, this gorgeous storybook about a bored little girl exploring a foggy day is truly exceptional. It begins with Fiona wishing “something exciting would happen” and ends in a deeply satisfying way, after traveling the city following her wind-driven scarf. The landscape is vast and exceptional with mood-setting, meditative music that relaxes young and old readers alike. The digital settings are sparse but provide just enough to navigate this beautiful book. A perfect bedtime story awaits readers of this delightful storybook app!   175x175bb-1Elliot Foxley by Stavros Yiannoukas is a BRILLIANT and a refreshing addition to the app storybook category! While the story is stellar so are the adorable illustrations by Sarah Gleeson, and did we mention the storyline’s message? This charming chapter book has been designed to be shared with children of all ages and will have all laughing, crying, and leaving everyone with the best news of all, home is where the heart is! Read full review  
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