Who Stole the Moon?

  Who Stole the Moon?, by Windy Press, is on its way to being a classic bedtime story worldwide. Bertie Brown and his quest to find the missing moon has been translated into fourteen different languages: English, Afrikaans, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Ukrainian! Who Stole the Moon? was written by British author Helen Stratton-Wood, who has her own moon obsessed toddler and illustrated by the incredible Russian artist, Vlad Gerasimov, who draws to please his daughter, Alice. This book will not disappoint, don't be surprised when your child keeps coming back clamoring for MORE! One night when Bertie, who dreams of becoming an astronaut, doesn't see the moon out of his skylight. He ventures into the garden to ask the unique group of nocturnal animals if they have stolen the moon. They all reply with a definitive, "No" and explain what they have been up doing. He eventually comes upon a wise owl who explains that the moon hasn’t been stolen and assures Bertie, with a brief science lesson, how the clouds are just hiding it from view. The very next night, Bertie eagerly gazes out his skylight and....  There was the moon in all its glory. A huge, bright, white, illuminating moon! After helping Bertie and the Wise Owl to solve the missing moon mystery, you can play a variety of games, get involved with art activities, and then have a and sing along together.

  • Join Bertie on his quest to find the moon, with this charming bedtime story that will gently nurture your child's imagination, and send them off into the magical world of dreams.
  • 8 original songs performed by award-winning American children's singer Susie Tallman and well-known Australian musician Richard Pleasance.
  • Listen to a song, or sing yourself in karaoke mode!
  • 4 games: Catch The Dragonfly!, Coloring, Memory, Puzzles
  • This book is interactive! Touch and drag things across the screen.
httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YX_8b8FvJyE TWA is very impressed with the Windy Press Team. They certainly know their audience and have ART in the forefront, with the latest and greatest of mobile technology at the center of everything they do. Vlad Gerasimov is a poet with his fabulous digital artwork. He claims his style developed  itself, "I like to draw things that skip your brain and go straight to your heart."  Yuri Mezenko nails it when he says, "Six hundred years ago Gutenberg's printing press changed the world. Now we are at the very beginning of the second publishing revolution."  True That!  
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