Why all the guest blogs?

For those followers that are wondering, "Why all the guest blogs?"  The short answer is, I am back in the classroom and every student has an iPad. The learning curve is steep, even if, I Know My Way Around an iPad. TWA has been paddling fast to keep up with app review requests and of course, they take the second seat to classroom responsibilities. This recent post in Apps in Education by Greg Swanson caught my eye. This is what I am hoping to venture into next, 10 Apps for Documenting Learning by Apps in Education. What a great way for kids to document the process of their learning, this is an assessment as it should be! The learning curve has included many "aha" moments for me, as students have been sharing their knowledge of the iPad with me and inadvertently land somewhere that I’ve never been. There are plenty of uncharted waters in this new technology and it is fun to learn a little more each day. As my repertoire grows so does my confidence and my favorite mantra has always been; change is inevitable, growth is optional. Happy to be keeping up with the times! Twitter has by far become my best friend! I am exposed to incredible posts centered on the latest in educational technology and learn more there than any other social media tool. I have made some of the most valuable contacts through this amazing platform and am able to keep in contact with my “new friends” and acquaintances, as well as participate in tweet chats. My next blog will go into much greater detail about my experience with twitter. Until then peruse the resource links below:
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2 Responses

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  2. It is such an exciting time to be in education! We look forward to following your journey and learning more in this wonderfully connected world we live in!
    ~Dave (@datruss) 🙂