Apps to Foster More Creativity in the Classroom!

Apps to foster more creativity in the classroom. Do you remember the article in Newsweek a few years back, The Creativity Crisis? This unsettling article defined creativity and had this quote: ". . creativity scores had been steadily rising... .until 1990. Since then, creativity scores have consistently inched downward." We know that the jobs of the future will require creativity, as well as collaboration, and critical thinking skills. As school systems continue to spend a third of their time preparing for and administering standardized tests and keeping creativity on the back burner, we are headed for disaster. Yet, schools continue to keep students from thinking outside of the box. They rarely allow students to contribute original ideas or expand on their curiosities or passions. For that matter, this huge emphasis on implementing the Common Core Standards is forcing teachers into hours of unnecessary paperwork, which equates to less teaching time. The Danielson Model, which many schools are adopting, is convoluted, redundant, incredibly time consuming and as far from creativity as you can get. If you are not familiar with this model read this: The Framework for Teaching is a research-based set of components of instruction, grounded in a constructivist view of learning and teaching. The Framework may be used as the foundation of a school or district's mentoring, coaching, professional development, and teacher evaluation process, thus linking all those activities together and helping teachers become more thoughtful practitioners. Huh? Howard Gardener was asked,  "How do we make people creative”? And he answered that “It’s much easier to prevent it than to make it”. You prevent it by saying that there is only one right answer and by punishing the student if she offers the wrong answer. That never fosters creativity". We need to be focusing on creative expression by encouraging, and modeling such behaviors. If we know that kids are falling behind other nations with their abilities to "create", why aren't we doing something about it?  Who will be the next entrepreneurs and the idea-people of the future? What is our role as educators? How do I develop student's skills as creative thinkers, when I'm teaching to a test and overloaded with pointless paperwork? Here are some of the best apps available to promote the creative learner in the classroom: Toontastic, by Launchpad Toys, is an awesome iPad app that let kids create, learn, and share their stories through play. Faces iMake – Right Brain Creativity, by iMagine machine, is a modern day take on the beloved and all time classic – Mr. Potato Head – our generation’s mainstay toy for creative play! Eye Paint Animals, by Curious Hat, is one of the most innovative and invigorating apps we’ve seen to date. Kids use the camera to make their own masterpieces! iFontMaker, by Eiji Nishidai, is the first font editor exclusive for iPad. With the touch interface, your 100% original hand typeface can be done in minutes.
TypeDrawing, by Hansol Huh, is super easy and perfect for creating typography art and even unique watermarks on your photos. Type a sentence, then just draw with your finger. You can easily create poetic visual art with this fun and easy-to-use app.
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  2. […] Aquí hi ha algunes de les millors aplicacions disponibles per promoure l'aprenentatge creatiu a l'aula:  […]

  3. […] Apps to foster more creativity in the classroom  […]

  4. […] Apps to foster more creativity in the classroom  […]

  5. […] Apps to foster more creativity in the classroom  […]

  6. […] Aquí hi ha algunes de les millors aplicacions disponibles per promoure l'aprenentatge creatiu a l'aula:  […]

  7. Tiny Diggers is also a good construction digger truck one for kids 2-5

  8. […] Apps to foster more creativity in the classroom (RT @TeachersApps: Apps to Foster More Creativity in the Classroom – @imaginemachine)…  […]

  9. Kids love creating and then seeing what they make come to life…to make it move. The DoInk Animation and Drawing app is the featured Success story in iPhone+iPadLife Magazine’s “Best Apps for Learning” this month. The story features Tricia Fuglestad, an elementary art teacher teaching animation to eight year olds. DoInk is used in schools for students to “show what they know”…to visualize processes in sciences, complex problems in math, to create book reports and for storytelling. It was selected an AppStore Essential and is a great way to foster creativity in the classroom.

  10. These are great finds, and will definitely serve to encourage students and educators alike to use their creative minds. Rather than stick to textbook education, these tech tools support that learning is fluid and everyone gets a chance to realize their full potential.

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  12. […] Apps to foster more creativity in the classroom…  […]