Why Your School Needs Really Good Stuff’s Digital Learning Collection

cat-img-01 Why Your School Needs Really Good Stuff's Digital Learning Collection - Now more than ever we need to be committed to not just screentime and content, we need to be involved in what the activities on the screen entail. Really Good Stuff Digital Learning Collection can assist teachers in getting actively involved in what their students are doing while on their devices working on their academic skills and beyond. Teachers With Apps has written about Really Good Stuff and their launch of their new digital platform in the past, we are excited to share the latest updates and once again reinforce the significance that this comprehensive platform can have in simplifying a teachers workload as well as enhancing student performance. "Really Good Stuff is helping teachers to achieve the most from technology with an excellent supplemental curriculum solution featuring 170-plus educational applications mapped to align with national, state, and Common Core standards."
  • FREE 30 Day Trial
  • 170+ EXEMPLARY Apps
  • Aligned to the Common Core Standards
  • Engaging Content
  • Extension Activities
  • Wide Range of Subject Areas
  • Differentiation
  • Quick & Easy Set Up
  • Easy Access Teacher Portal
  • Simple Classroom Management
  • Safe & Secure
  • Teacher Recommended
  • Kid Approved
downloadThe dramatic changes to society that have been brought about by technology are playing a fundamental part in the structural shifts in today's classrooms. Really Good Stuff Digital Learning  Collection can be used to support both teaching and learning, by infusing classrooms with one digital learning platform aimed to build 21st-century skills. By increasing student engagement, motivation, and accelerating learning, technology also has the power to transform teaching as we know. This model connects teachers to their students, content, resources, and management systems all in one place. Need a solution for your classroom, school or district? Really Good Stuff to the rescue!

And now featuring apps for teaching Social-Emotional Learning in the classroom!

Help students learn how to self-regulate and manage their emotions and behaviors according to their circumstances. This set of skills enables children as they mature, to direct their own behavior toward a goal while dealing with the unpredictability of the world around them.

SEL Apps

Duckie Deck Orchestra: This app allows students to listen to soothing music or use instruments to create their own music.

Avokiddo Emotions: Students can play with different characters to discover and learn about dozens of different emotions.

Peppy Pals Beach – Friendship Adventure: Created by experts and EQ psychologists to help students recognize, understand, manage and communicate emotions.

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