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images images-2Wikids – by KidkeDoo is an Encyclopedia app set that gives kids a wide range of topics to choose from and then enables them to explore all on their own. The app reads aloud short passages written especially for children about all kinds of different concepts and different things. There are two ways to enter the app, on the opening page you can choose a topic alphabetically or dive right into the preferred category route. Immediately your adventures begin! This app could be an asset to a school setting for introducing research to young children and getting some of the required nonfiction into your student’s day. Obviously, there is something for everyone and the opportunity to cross curriculum is completely embedded. The developers felt that nearly anything can be explained to a child in 80 words (30 seconds in a friendly voice). Wikids apps feature text, narration, images, and sounds, present knowledge in context and are designed for independent discovery. Wikids apps offer a wealth of fascinating knowledge for curious kids, written just for them. tablets The team wrote the 240 independent exploration entries specifically geared toward children ages four to eight. Instead of just cutting and pasting — they selectively wrote their own script keeping in mind that the audience would be young children. Each paragraph comprises of sensibly constructed facts, welcoming narration, interesting images, and rich vocabulary. The ten categories featured are neatly curated into two different apps. The navigation is smooth and the visuals are top-notch. A bonus feature of similar topics shown on the sidebarfor easy reference. Set One: Wikids: Animals, Nature, Countries, Landmarks, and Food Set Two: Wikikids Space, The Human Body, Musical Instruments, Occupations and Transportation IMG_0412 KidkeDoo is very clear in their description that their apps are designed for kids engaging in independent discovery, according to their own interests and curiosity. The Wikid apps provide an enriching experience that expands any child’s perspective of the world around them. Of course, they are Coppa Compliant and 100% safe for kids to use. Wish List: Some form of interactivity to make use of the digital platform and to engage kids deeper.  I would consider different reading levels (amount of text) to adjust for cognitive capabilities. (Some kids may only be able to attend for 15 seconds.)
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