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WordFlex Touch Dictionary, by Schematix, is a wonderful way to spend your day, learning away! If your child is coming to the end of the elementary grades and will soon be entering middle school, this is one app you want to get in their hands. Middle School teachers, this would be a great resource for your iPad. With that age group in mind, if you could only purchase one app before school starts, the incredible WordFlex Touch Dictionary should be the ONE! The Wordflex Touch Dictionary (formerly Twig) is the next step in the evolution of the English dictionary. Developed exclusively for iPad – in association with the Oxford University Press – this fun, fascinating app offers the first completely tactile, interactive reference tool for word lovers and entices players of all ages.

Schematix's intentions are to create Innovations and technology to improve everyday life. Wordflex is more than just a dictionary, it’s a tool for productivity — and fun

This app is beneficial for all students – and even more so for those with language skills delays. WordFlex Touch Dictionary enables one to explore language deeply – though it's remarkably easy and intuitive to use. When one searches a standard dictionary for a word, he or she finds that word, its meaning, and part of speech. However, when one conducts a search using the WordFlex Touch Dictionary app, the possibilities are endless as the app has an abundance of amazing features. The app uses intuitive “mind-mapping” technology to turn word entries into dynamic trees that one can move, shape, rearrange, save and share with touch gestures. Upon entering the word to be explored, the word opens into a word wonderland that shows parts of speech (noun, verb, etc.); high-level senses (meanings); and related phrases. Simultaneously, a speaker appears below the main word box which can be tapped to hear the word pronounced in American English and British. In addition, various badges appear for the main word. These provide extra information about the word such as the primary meaning of the word; the word’s origin; example sentences; illustrations; and usage notes. Where available, synonyms and antonyms will be visible. Informal, slang and other equivalents of the word may also appear. These features are also beneficial to a child with delayed language skills as they often have difficulty with slang, sarcasm, and colloquialisms.

Unfortunately, children on the Autism Spectrum often have language delays. As parents and educators, we know that language delays negatively impact skills in the area of reading; specifically in vocabulary and comprehension. As these children grow, reading is going to become increasingly difficult for them. If they don’t understand what they are reading, then why bother reading at all? This was my son’s attitude. For over ten years he has received therapy for language skills, yet he still lags behind in his vocabulary and comprehension skills. Until a few years ago, my son had no interest in reading. When he was reading, I noticed that there were many words that were difficult for my son such as; “indignant,” “pernicious,” and “fraught.” One can usually decipher the message of the text by using context clues, but if there is an abundance of difficult words, then what? For my son to keep a pocket dictionary with him was not realistic. Then I discovered the highly rated app Wordflex Touch Dictionary App. My son had a very easy time using this app. In fact, it was a pleasure for him to use it, as he was fascinated by this first truly tactile, interactive reference tool. So, remember if you are looking for a great “Back to School” app to help your child with reading and language skills, then I would make WordFlex Touch Dictionary your next app purchase.  
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  1. […] WordFlex Touch Dictionary, by Schematix, is a brilliant new app and is the next step in the evolution of the English dictionary. Developed exclusively for iPad – in association with the Oxford University Press – this fun, fascinating app offers the first truly tactile, interactive reference resource. Online dictionaries force users to scroll for what they want. Wordflex offers a more compelling, intuitive approach, combining structure and play to maximize learning. By manipulating word-trees physically, unlocking content at will and rearranging the onscreen ‘workspace,’ users experience language as an interactive adventure – and find what they’re looking for more quickly. If you could only purchase one app for this school year, the incredible WordFlex Touch Dictionary should be the ONE! Tagged with: app discovery • apps for kids • Back to School Apps • Best Back to School Apps • Best Educational Apps • critical thinking apps • educational • educational app discovery • five star apps • great kids apps • SMART apps • teachers with apps • teaching tools  […]