Few words about the EAT (Educational App Talk) Chat

EdAppTalkThe Facebook group E.A.T. (Educational App Talk) has the special event: EduAppTalk chat every Thursday. The chat features a variety of hosts. A sampling of hosts & participants would include teachers, educators, therapists, parents, developers of educational applications, as well as book authors and more.

The co-founder & the leader of this popular education review and resource site is Jayne Clare. I am the member of this group for 4+ years, and during last 2 years, I have actively been involved in the chats, and am the main organizer of managing and promoting these weekly events. It's been a very interesting journey: so many fascinating people, so many talented developers,  a lot of new ideas, so many teachers/educators devoted to children and their education. I have learned a lot, and I am very grateful to Jayne Clare for involving me in this process.

EdAppTalk chat helps to promote the educational apps, to make them more visible. We would like to give assistance to more parents to find the proper apps, to let parents, teachers & educators became familiar with more developers, to come to the assist with the special needs population & their parents. Most importantly we are promoting quality screentime!


It is especially rewarding when hosts send a few kind words to us. Here are few of them.

 Antonella Casangrande Petti from CreateSpeech http://www.createspeech.com/:     “Educational App Talk is amazing!"

• Maria Stavinski https://www.moonagroup.com/apps.html :                                                    “Я хочу выразить вам огромную признательность за приглашение таких удивительных людей на встречи. Вы делаете огромную работу, собирая столь интересных людей вокруг. Большое вам спасибо! “

Here is the translation: “ I would like to express my great appreciation for inviting such remarkable people for the chat. You do the enormous job collecting so many interesting people around. Thank you very much!”

 Wolfgang Schmitz http://ahoiii.com/:  Thanks to you guys we are #5 kids app in USA.”

 Jon Smith Book Creator https://www.bookcreator.com/: “I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to chat on Facebook with your group. I had a blast watching everyone learn and grow in such a short amount of time. “

 Leanne Pool speechpups.com:  I had so much fun chatting with friends at Educational App Talk last night! “

We invite everybody to participate in the EdAppTalk group chat as participants or as a host. Please, send an email with a request to me, Tatyana Belyavskaya at belyatat@gmail.com THANKS & LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU SOON!

🔴 Join EdAppTalk or E.A.T. Here

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