The World’s First Wearable-for-Good


The World’s First Wearable-for-Good

Rajesh Anandan the SVP of UNICEF Ventures kicked off the Digital Kids Conference on February 20th which took place at Pier 59 in NYC. He began by describing the World's First Wearable-For-Good “fit-bit like” band that has been designed to tackle two profound issues plaguing the world today. Child obesity and malnutrition, the program gives kids a purpose and helps motivate our sedentary youth to get moving and help control obesity with a purpose. The agenda is a win-win scenario to engage kids to curb their own weight issues with a mission to help the thousands of children suffering from malnutrition. The notion of empowering kids to take action with an end goal always proves to be a winning combination. Kid Power Schools have seen students being 44% percent more active with the activity tracker also getting the added benefit of being exposed to philanthropy at an early age. Did you know that the UNICEF Kid Power Band is the selling biggest wearable in Target! So far –Kid Power members have been responsible delivering over 52 million packets of therapeutic food to save children suffering from life-threatening severe malnutrition and have saved 30,00 kids lives…Quote from one Kid Power participant, "Every time my band vibrates I feel like a Super Power!" Get motivated and get your kids excited to be making a difference with the World’s First Wearable-for-Good!

GET ACTIVE. SAVE LIVES.®Empowering kids to get active while helping kids around the world. Kids take steps to help malnourished kids around the world

If you’re a teacher who wants to get in on all this lifesaving action and give your students a purpose for being active and introduce them to philanthropy, check out the UNICEF Kid Power School Kits. The UNICEF Kid Power Bands with the UNICEF Kid Power Companion App and curriculum to be loaded onto devices are on sale at the Scholastic Store. Also, check out Teach UNICEF’s Facebook and Twitter feeds. Individual Kid Power Bands are available at Target. Most social innovations do not achieve widespread adoption, either because the problem being solved was not well understood, the solution developed was not designed for scalability or the entrepreneur was not able to connect with relevant local decision makers and networks. Unicef Ventures
6f1d7358-5ca3-4766-b020-68b6a748e595Rajesh Anandan is an intrapreneur, social entrepreneur and growth strategist. Currently the Senior Vice President at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, Anandan is also a writer, speaker, mentor, and founder of social enterprises. Rajesh is passionate about purpose as a motivator and neurodiversity as a competitive advantage. He is the co-creator of UNICEF Kid Power, the world’s first wearable-for-good, and co-founder of ULTRA Testing, a high-quality software testing company employing individuals on the Autism Spectrum.
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