Tips on How to Write a Thesis Statement


How to Write a Thesis Statement: Introduction to the Concept

Before writing an essay, it is essential to fully comprehend what it is all about. It is important to know and understand what is expected from your topic. Students go crackers when they have to deliver their assignments within short deadlines; this can lead to one falling out of the topic. It is important to have an idea of what you will be writing about as well as a clear outline. Many students usually find it hard to make their essays worth reading because of their writing lacks adequacy and focus. A paper which lacks a thesis statement lacks a focus. When you lack focus, it will be difficult to understand the message you need to send within your essay. As a result, your writing does not have any substantiality.

Thus, writing a thesis statement is indeed essential and you need to understand the gist of it. 

Importance of a thesis statement

A thesis is a central idea of an essay. Reasons why it is important include:

  • It is important to have it since it enables your paper to have a focus or an argument.
  • Additionally, a thesis guides you in structuring your writing.
  • It provides your paper with the organization it requires to stay focused on the topic.
  • Moreover, a thesis statement enables your audience to fully understand the focus or argument in your essay.

Features of a thesis statement

A properly written thesis statement creates the central focus or argument of your essay. By reading the thesis statement, your audience should be able to determine what you are trying to prove in your essay. An effective and appealing thesis encourages or persuades your audience to want to find out more about your paper. It is essential that your essay captures the attention of your audience; you can achieve this by having an efficient thesis statement. Some of the features of an efficient thesis statement include:

  • Specific. An efficient thesis statement is brief and direct. It clearly states what your paper is about. An overly-stated thesis statement reduces the credibility and reliability of your essay. A specific thesis statement makes it easier for you to support your argument and to make your point.
  • Appealing. Beginning your essay with an appealing thesis statement captures the attention of your audience. Additionally, it engages your readers in reading your essay.
  • Argumentative. Thesis statements are naturally argumentative. Beginning an essay with a realistic statement leaves you with no point to argue about thereby making your essay ineffective.
  • Embraces paper content. An efficient thesis statement incorporates what your article is about.

What makes a strong thesis?

An effective thesis statement makes your article have a main point of view. A strong thesis ought to be argumentative. This enables you to have evidence to support your claims and to give room for people to also offer counter-arguments. It captures the eye of your audience and they are able to agree or disagree with you. Being brief and direct enables you to clearly state what your essay is about. Additionally, it gives room for you to fully provide evidence for your arguments.

Tips on how to write a good thesis

When writing an essay, it is essential that you have a thesis statement. A thesis comes in the introductory paragraph. It should be concise and clearly stated in your introduction. However, it is crucial that you know how to come up with a thesis statement.

To write a good thesis statement, writers at recommend you to consider the following tips:

  • Pick a topic of interest. Have a topic which will be easier and interesting for you to write. An interesting topic not only engages your audience but also attracts their attention.
  • Do research. Once you have a topic, conduct ample research in order to make it easy for you to come up with your ideas.
  • Make a claim. A good thesis statement, incorporates argument. Your argument ought to relate to your topic so as to interest your audience in reading your article.
  • Be clear. Clarity is very important in essay writing. Have a clear and briefly stated thesis statement. This enables your readers to know what comes next throughout your essay.
  • Take a stance. Once you have an argument, take a stance in order to show full support. Anything can be said about your thesis. Taking a stance gives you the ability to note the counterarguments you will refute later in your essay.
  • Leave room for discussion. Your article stands a great chance of expected counterarguments when you have a strong argument. Give room for your audience to oppose or propose your claims.
  • Know where to place your thesis. For your essay to have a systematic flow, ensure that you place your thesis in the introductory paragraph. This enables your readers to comprehend the information you are passing.

Common mistakes of writing a thesis

An effective thesis statement ought to show your audience what you are talking about. However, there are some errors which students often make. Some of these mistakes include:

  • Lack of extensive research. This makes your article lose meaning since you rush to pick a topic which you have no idea about.
  • Lack of a strong thesis statement. Lacking a strong thesis statement makes your argument poor.
  • Long thesis statements. Overstated thesis statements misguide your audience. This makes them wonder what you are trying to convey. As a result, some might easily lose interest in your article.

Some examples of a strong and a weak thesis statement include:

Weak thesis statement

  • This paper addresses the reasons why marijuana should be legalized.

Strong thesis statement

  • Due to its revenue-generating benefits, highly legitimate medical benefits, as well as the fact that enforcement of marijuana laws is expensive, this article seeks to support the claim that marijuana should indeed be legalized.


In conclusion, a thesis statement is essential in writing an essay. Its vitality is that it provides your article with a structure to enable you to focus on your topic. Composing a strong and effective thesis statement can be quite a task but with the tips above, we hope you will have an easy time coming up with yours.

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