Zap Zap Math Launches the World’s First Critical Thinking Mathematical Mobile Ecosystem

Zap Zap Math Universe

Zap Zap Math Launches the World's First Critical Thinking Mathematical Mobile Ecosystem

An innovative unique educational mobile game that focuses on mathematics among kids.

Updated news of our latest version:
- More than 100 games
- Simple navigation bar
- Updated Table of Contents
- iMessage Stickers now available in the App Store

Zap Zap Math, the universal mobile game for kids, is also the world's first critical thinking mathematic mobile ecosystem. It provides parents and schools with an innovative learning, monitoring, and gamified platform to advance a child's learning. Math is universal and underpins our daily lives, yet it is a struggle for many children and for the schools and parents who want to teach them. Through its in-house developed core technology, Zap Zap Math's gamified, mobile-first ecosystem will make learning math fun and interactive. Now both parents and schools can together be an integral part of the child's learning.

Zap Zap Math is founded by Wei Chong Ng, the company's CEO, who was a math teacher and education enthusiast; I-Ming Goh, a creative fanatic and the company's COO; and Kim Seng Teh an avid and serial backer of technology start-ups in Asia.

itunesartwork2x"Math can be mind-boggling and hard work for many, but it doesn't have to be. Zap Zap Math uses a more effective learning technique than just doing math worksheets at home. Now students build their math learning on higher-order thinking while having fun and improving their skills," adds Goh, the company's COO. Ng shares, "One of the biggest challenges teachers face is the ability to give parents effective tools to support their child's learning at home. Zap Zap Math was specifically designed to be engaging and interactive, as well as allowing parents to actively participate and encourage their child's development." Zap Zap Math provides parents with the Learning Progress Dashboard, a portal for parents and teachers to remotely monitor how a child is progressing in each learning topic, helping them to identify a specific development area that requires attention. The portal allows parents to log in on a computer or mobile device to receive real-time insight on the child's success. imessage-iconWhile in the entertainment and games department, it takes children through a space odyssey of math challenges, a series of games that help children to learn core math requirements from grades K-6. "When my students play Zap Zap Math at home, they come back to class with improved math skills and true interest towards math," shares Julius A. Carebia, a sixth grade math teacher at UCSI International School, one of the pilot schools which have implemented the use of the app as part of their school curriculum. "In addition, new colorful games and over 300,000 math questions are set to be released every month," adds Goh. Zap Zap Math is seed-funded by Netrove Ventures Corporation, which is led by Executive Chairman, Mr. Teh Kim Seng, who has over 25 years of experience in technology start-ups. Within five months since its beta launch, the game has been downloaded more than 150,000 times and is globally piloted in schools and educational institutions. Zap Zap Math has been featured as a "Best New App" on Apple App Store and featured in the "Made for Families" section on Google Play. Users can find and download the app on iOS and Android marketplaces for free. More information on Zap Zap Math can be found at About Zap Zap Math Zap Zap Math, developed by Visual Math Interactive, is a math-based ecosystem which constantly innovates on the best education practices. The company's highly experienced team is made up of former math teachers, creative people, technologists, and strategists, who work closely with a number of advisors including teachers, principals and education consultants across seven countries to ensure its games and content are both fun and effective. The app is currently available for play in three languages, namely English, Spanish and Bahasa Malaysia. More languages are in development, so watch for updates! Follow Zap Zap Math on Facebook (, Twitter (@zapzapmath) and their website ( header-art Media Contact: Adam Goh I-Ming Visual Math Interactive Sdn. Bhd. Ph: +60-124-822-200  
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