Zid Zid: Play with Languages

zidzid-logo-225x225NEWteacherwithapps-768x753-300x294Zid Zid is a wonderful app introducing a unique way to learn languages for schools and families! What most impressed TWA right off the bat was the stunning visual art/design created by one of the developers. The app is extremely well thought out and the format is straightforward and easy to navigate. It includes short bilingual video clips storybooks, songs, and games, along with projects that engage students and foster creativity. The best part is that it's not only fun and interactive, it also helps children bond with others, as it is made to be shared. Teachers and parents do not need to know any other language to guide a child’s learning and can learn right along with them. Another notable feature is that the app supplies brilliant activities both within the game, and extension activities for extended play after screentime. All of Zid Zid's game-play is centered around the five senses, which in and of itself, fosters deeper learning and retention of new knowledge. Play-based learning and positive interactions with children are an important part of Zid Zid's philosophy, development and success. Zid Zid's developers are passionate about what they do, it shows in every angle of this application. They encourage children to take an active role in purposeful play and incorporate the use of all modalities providing opportunities for children to build, pretend, move, observe, create and communicate all within a comfortable and safe environment. The exercises are designed for both home and preschool classrooms the projects use natural and everyday objects to complement the sensory integration, they foster an imaginative and holistic "maker" experience. Learning a second language benefits cognitive abilities like intelligence, and memory, but also promotes cross-cultural understanding and even empathy. Research shows the earlier the better for language acquisition, although it is never too late to begin. Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 2.45.24 PM   Recently, there has been lots of discussion concerning screentime. What each discussion mentions is the need for parents to get more involved with what their kiddos are consuming on the screen. Yes, we do need to monitor what our children are doing and what a better way than playing along with them. This app is 100% playful learning and it comes highly endorsed by TeachersWithApps!
Watch a sampling of their content with their learning expert below:

1. Word Power

Sam, our Spanish language expert, begins by introducing vocabulary and pronunciation to the teachers and parents in a video on your desktop, phone or tablet.

2. Storytime

To increase vocabulary retention, we provide age-appropriate stories in Spanish. This story, “Who is Hiding Here?”, is all about colors.

3. Sing Along

Learning songs leads to long-term memory and deep understanding. Every child loves to sing. This song is in Spanish and English and is titled “Red is Rojo.”

4. Hands-On Activities

Multisensory project-based experiences using all five senses strengthen critical thinking, motor skills, imagination, social, and emotional development. download Get started NOW and help raise smart global kids by empowering preschool children to learn other languages together with their teachers, siblings or parents. Zid Zid! Vist the homepage HERE Read the backstory HERE Watch video HERE
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