Zoo Champs – sports guide for kids

  Zoo Champs - sports guide for kids, by Bookva, is here to stay! This app is appealing to kids of many ages. The students we worked with, NEVER  tired of this stellar app. As teachers, we brainstormed endless ways of incorporating this app into our curriculum. Oh, BTW, we learned quite a bit ourselves right along with the kids. Did you know that early forms of football/soccer were played in ancient Greece and Egypt - the rules were made in England in the 19th century? Or the reason that tennis balls are yellow is they showed more visible on the first color TV screens! The developers released this app to coincide with the Olympics and TWA is glad to get this review up to inspire, motivate, and educate kids of today. This paramount sporting event has been around since what historical records indicate as 776 BC originating in Olympia.  Zoo Champs covers everything from cycling, football, equestrian, tae kwon do, to fencing, weightlifting, rowing and more, there is something for everyone! * More than 30 pages with animations, interactivity, and sound effects * Quality hand-drawn illustrations * Simple but informative texts about every sport, from archery to wrestling * Fully voiced for ages 4+ with the option to turn the volume off * Every sport has an "in depth" reading-only section with amazing facts and Q&As * Easy navigation: sports are arranged alphabetically, and there is a fully voiced navigation page
The developers, Julia and Margit, wanted to share a few their experiences while making this app: Although working closely, they had never met face-to-face with the designer and developers from Estonia or the illustrator from LithuaniaRasa Joni (whose work they loved regardless of her Baltic provenance!). Yes, they spent endless hours communicating and working together via Skype and exchanged a plethora of emails of sketches and storyboards, etc. They had originally wanted to make Zoo Champs a very local project in terms of geography - hoping to have a lot of face time with everyone involved. But when the app was nearly finished, they realized they had never met one another! What they walked away with, was the knowledge that -  "The only people, though, without whose physical presence you cannot make an educational app are the kids - nothing replaces seeing them engage with your product. If there is one lesson we have learned, it's that kids need to be closely involved - and from the very early stages of product development!"
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