At the Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa

icon175x175At the Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa by Fairlady Media is by far the most elaborate effort put forth by this amazing team and it celebrates their 10th app in this collection! Now, who doesn't love a zoo, especially if you are visiting with both Grandma and Grandpa? This fabulous app is crammed full of eight different games, 10 fascinating videos, and is loaded with all kinds of educational content including science, vocabulary building, early literacy, spelling, math, and other problem-solving skills as well as being a great introduction to animal behavior and habitats. The fast pace and variety of different activities will keep your child/student engaged, learning, and entertained for hours on end! The kids we worked with had a great time and we as teachers loved the incredible amount of content crammed into every conceivable moment. Don't be surprised if you hear mention of Jane Goodall or that dolphins are intelligent animals. IMG_0326 The settings give the adult in charge the opportunity to mix things up or program the app to stay on select topics. The app instinctively gives the player ample opportunity for finding the answers and with no negative feedback. IMG_3633 (1) EDUCATIONAL GAMES: 1. Fix the Sign - Can you spell LEOPARD to fix this sign? 2. Animal Sounds - Which animal made that sound? 3. Tram Math - Add up the visitors on those two trams! 4. Jigsaw Puzzle - Put together the pieces and learn a new fun fact! 5. Spot the Difference - Find the different fish in the aquarium! 6. Fossil Dig - Wow! You discovered a nautilus! 7. Match Signs to Animals - Which sign goes next to the Tasmanian Devil? 8. Feed the Penguins - Solve a tricky puzzle to feed the penguins! Wish List: Read aloud signpost name when tapped on for matching animals Would like to have a map and revisit favorites at will Put letters on animal sign out of order images-1    
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