Zooper ABC Animals by Zooper Dooper Edutainment Inc.

imgresZooper ABC Animals by Zooper Dooper Edutainment Inc. is an outstanding app that has been developed by Russ Willms, an award-winning illustrator of children’s books, art director and associate creative director at Suburbia Studios. This app screams labor of love! Every detail has been thoroughly thought through, play-tested, refined and perfected. The kids we worked with adored the app and delight was evident on every face as this ABC adventure never seizes to surprise the user. What intrigued the kids most were the interactions with the animal on the opening page of each alphabet letter, they stayed on that first page for longer than expected and often would go back to a favorite animal/interaction and revisit it. That proves this app will have a long shelf life and we think it will be among your child's top pick! Zooper Dooper Edutainment Inc. says it best when they say: What’s really exciting is that research shows that humor plays a big part in a child’s intellectual, social and emotional development. From A to Z, Zooper ABC Animals encourages lots of laughing and learning for kids—and parents.  FullSizeRender[4]-croppedWe at TWA love their slogan Laughing leads to learning!  It is the truth and there is a preponderance of legitimate research to back it up. Check out what leading humor researcher, Paul McGhee has to say as to the benefits of humor in terms of the ways it benefits young children’s intellectual, social and emotional development. Playing with words is a wonderful way to reinforce reading readiness concepts. Experimenting with rhyming words, made-up silly words, and other comic play patterns is not a new concept, from the original Mother Goose rhymes to Dr. Suess, humor can be a powerful tool instill the love of learning. IMG_2943The joy of celebrating laughter is what sets Zooper ABC Animals apart from your typical ABC app. The app contains three different play modes: the opening page brings you to the alphabet and the child chooses whatever letter they want. First, the animal is introduced with a delightful illustration by Russ and a jaunty rhyme, the interactivity is comical and engaging. Next, you have the option of practicing tracing the letter both upper and lower case with simple guides to help children learn the proper formation. Then there is a cool guessing game of objects in silhouettes outlined for other words that begin with the same letter. The brilliant bonus is the addition of Zooper Dooper Bloopers, which are the Zooper ABC Animals outtakes that can be accessed on the sidebar after completion of the guessing game. These silly clips are geared for the intended audience of 3 - 6-year-olds, but are sure to provide plenty of gut-busting laughter for anyone viewing! Another ABC app, you say? Well don’t let Zooper ABC Animals fool you — it is the real thing. Engaging gameplay plus the zaniness of bloopers gives this app replay power. And an app loved and played, is one from which kids learn.  Zooper ABC Animals has been placed at the top of TWA's list by the only critics that matter, the kids! admin-aja175  
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